Propose 2.0

April 29, 2009 2 comments

It’s been 1 month since i propose, i been plan to blog about this whole proposing process but couldn’t squeeze out some time until today , let’s hope i still remember every detail.

My plan came out very last minute, although i have prepare the basic 3 thing to propose  – flower , ring  and prepare to kneel down, but i know i must think of something special for my gf and the answer is using facebook to propose.

There are 3 major reason why i choose facebook

  • I been research on facebook new feature public profile for some time due to my office work.
  • My gf and i both spending quite some time on facebook and it seem like no one propose on facebook yet ?
  • We know each other through MIRC which is something popular on the web during the old day, i think facebook should be something popular on the web for now , which is quite meaningful for both of us.

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After the storm

January 14, 2009 Comments off

Since end of last year , starting of my long holidays, I been trouble by some of the issue between my gal and me.

That’s one of my main reason , i didn’t fully utilize of my long holidays. Today finally we have a talk on the issue and resolved it , the main reason is a story from her friend, the moral of story is treasure some one that you have, don’t because too use to it and didn’t see those thing that he/she did for you daily.

After this incident, i believe it make our relationshop stronger and i truely feel relax because all the big stone has been remove from my heart, i feel alive again.

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3rd post in December

December 29, 2008 Comments off

My bad, the whole december until now then writing my 3rd post, lots of thing happen in this month, some of the these person issue did affect my blogging interest and at the same time i was spending a little too much time on WOW.

I started my long holidays around 20th Dec, but it seem like i have complete very little thing so far, of course some lesson learned and i think for 2008 , i have done quite badly for my 2008 resolutions.

Of course in stead of keep regret on what i have done, what i never complete, i m telling & remind myself to look forward for 2009, you can’t get back what you had lost , you can only move forward and do it better next time.

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Happy 25th Birthday

October 12, 2008 Comments off

This is a yearly thing for my girl, but this year i posting this late by 2 day, i hope she don’t mind.

let’s see what we have this year

  • Flower – don’t buy online, it’s about 30~50% different, in the end i got it from those florist shop, cheaper and nice
  • Dinner – didn’t went to the original korea shop, because she don’t feeling well that day, in stead of spicy food, we went to ding tai feng.
  • Website – put in some new content to suprize her
  • present – going to sponsor her a bit , if she getting OMINIA

Happy Birthday Gal, Wish You Happy & Healthy Always.


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Busy with office work

August 21, 2008 Comments off

since monday i been busy for office work , for the past few day my schedule is something like this

  • 6am wake up , read news
  • 7am prepare and going to office
  • 8am+ reach office, having breakfast and continue reading news
  • 9am start working
  • 1pm take a 20 min break , lunch in at office
  • 7pm+ finally can go home
  • 9pm+ reach home

so i leave 1~2 hour plus per day, 11pm have to sleep already . This explain why there is lack of update here. Although is quite busy but i kind of like it , at least now day lots of work is quite challenging but lack of personal time for my own thing, anyway lets hope end of the month the new guy coming and i can take a break not need to be so stress.

Geez really going downfall , blog about daily life , haha …

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August 8, 2008 Comments off

Just to take note of this date and i believe the next memorable date like this should have something happen.

Nope i m not die yet but why lack of post for the past few day is because i m sick again , yeah it might sounds like i m very weak, but i also not sure … maybe this is an unlucky year for me.

Just think of post something on this special date.

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Ipod Touch on the way

July 25, 2008 Comments off

I have just ordered a refurbished ipod touch 8GB on Wednesday, after seeing so many news about application store, when to get a iphone is still a unknow to me, so i m getting this refurbished ipod touch to fill the blank until i get my iphone 3g ( which might be next year ? after my first year contract , lets hope i can resist it when it release).

This is the 3rd time i order something from apple , every time also refurbished product and their shipment method every time is different. The first time is for my macbook pro, that was the best, they call you and confirm the timing, second time is for my imac, the fellow just appear suddenly without giving a call and now the 3rd time, i receive this sms early in the morning


ok finally is on the way , let hope i can blog about the app store this weekend.Updated my gadget list for now ipod touch is going to replace N800 on my planning usage.

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