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Mobile Phone In The Pants

November 28, 2005 4 comments

Just went for one of my bro’s friend wedding dinner last night, nothing special .. but the game that my bro force the groom to play is fun …

they ask the groom to stand on a chair, then the bride have to pass the phone through the groom’s pants .. during the process , everyone keep calling the groom’s phone number and the mobile is keep shaking in his pants , geez ..

my colleague actually comment mobile phone got radioactive …wonder is this action will have some side effect ?

anyway Terence, Congra ! 

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Still using bookmarks ?

November 26, 2005 5 comments

Finally done, i just spend an hour plus to clear my bookmarks, ya what i mean is those on my browser …

its been long time since i last add a proper bookmark, most of the time i just post it to,  hhhmmm tech changing lifestyle ? while arrange my current bookmark , lots of memory appear, i use to very treasure all these bookmark because all these are source of my info .. when going through the old bookmark , i just realiase lots of theme is outdated, either the url is invalid, or the domain been take over by some other people .. geez its only few year time .

i still can recall one of the chinese javascript site which call it "red snow" use to be my javascript tutorial site, but now gone, even the domain is waiting for sale .. , lots of scripting url that i bookmark for lots of purpose, but now all seem so meaningless .. 

few hundred url, some deleted, some post to my and about 15 url is remain at my bookmark … for user that using social bookmark, do you still keep url as bookmark on your browser ? 

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Moving Seat

November 22, 2005 Comments off

So today its my last day .. ooh last day sitting on the third floor, i going to move my seat back to second floor , IT room ..

since i start my new job, i been place at third floor , far far away from our IT department room , me and another support exec both are sitting there due to our IT department room too small .. so we don’t have much choice to sit at other department area ..

sitting far from your manager got advantage and disadvantage , example advantage like

  • no need to be shy for going home on time
  • can just switch on your radio or listen to your mp3 player because none of your neighbour will look for you
  • can just go any place chit chat

some disadvantage like you manager wont know you everyday come so early, you manger never know you stay back late for work, your manager wont know that you rush for work without lunch …

few day ago second floor have some rearrangement, our IT department room been enlarge, so all of us have to move back, but i find that althought been enlarge, but to squeeze in another 4 person is too much .. but no choice ..

anyway tomorrow will be my first day on the second floor, lets just hope everything ok and i will get use to it soon ..

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i feel like scream

November 20, 2005 3 comments

For my whole life ( until now ) i never crazy for any singer or super star .. i never go queue for few hour to wait for their signature or watch their performance but today i broken this rule to queue up getting a poster from 5566 for my gf .. ya she can’t make it to come.

i do admist that i dislike this "guy" band because my gal like them very much, not just simply jealious but as i say i don’t do crazy thing for idol and see my gal so high for them , so … guy shoudl know la. at first i was thinking never mind la just treat this as a trip lo , go out walk walk is good for blogging too and my gal told me she don’t expect me to wait for them to signature, i just go get the poster will do … so i expect this should be a fast one.

when i reach there, my nightmare come true, you need to wait for them to come -> getting poster -> get them to signature .. OMG ! i need to squeeze in ..

  • lots of young people just squeeze in front of me, because they should think this uncle just stand here to see see only
  • i have to very thick skin to cut the queue because people in front of me and behind of me do that too
  • 30 people in front of me is gal and 30 people behind of me also girl, ya maybe once in the life i get suqeeze by so many gal
  • but they all look at me like i m some sort of monster, all the SYT is come for their idol , but me ? the only direction for my face is the floor
  • so many people around me and i feel like scream .. i always have this kind of feeling when i flood by lots of people without a proper target .. quite scary
  • when 4 of them signature for me , i still need to laugh with them althought i feel like punch them to make me did all this
  • after signature when i walk down, damn lots of ppl that stand there to watch look me in wierd look ..
  • don’t know whos the stupid organizer give people poster without anything to tie it, so i have to hold it properly for my return trip, about 40 min

thats why i feel like screammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !

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Taking another project

November 9, 2005 Comments off

It just 2 day ago, i take my first move to talk to my manager, request to support another new project, althought currently my work load is quite heavy, retail project support and 2 access database support but i wish to have more ..

its not i try to impress my manager , i got few other reason

  • learn more about web project, this new project is a web base system
  • let myself fully occupied with project, so i no need to support the current retail project manager for his other project ( one project with him is enough nightmare for me )
  • learning the flow of project, when i take over the retail project support, the project is almost end

so after this 2 day read up a bit the document of this project and go through 2 project demo 2 , its a total new experience for me,

  • you need to assume your user is computer idiot, to make your program fool proof
  • don’t let your habit get affect your system, example we might like the system react in certain way, don’t assume the same on your user
  • don’t show a program which will have error msg, give them a "good show"
  • user prefer one page input, enter everything in one page ..
  • don’t fight with user habit
  • don’t show something thats far away from the spec ..

i m quite pity those guy which doing demo, hhhhmmmm .. if i m the one i won’t dare to do project demo to my customer.

Forget my key

November 7, 2005 Comments off

argh, this will be a offline blog post, what doest that mean ? that mean i write down this when i unable online, and post this when i get online.

why am i make this offline post ? because i sitting in Mc Donald now and i m unable to get connect to their free wireless network ..this is sick, when you see the people around you are surfing by their laptop but your laptop keep telling you that unable to connect …

Oh.. why am i sitting in the Mc donald now ? because i forget to bring my key back.. after i bought my dinner and stand in front of my home, i realiase this, so give my bro and my another housemate a sms and hope that they are on their way back. but it seem like all my luck been used up, both of them having something and wont come back until 9pm+ ..

so i sneak to a corner at the foodcourt at my home basement, oh.. why i need to sneak ar ? because it not allow to bring outside food, ya ya althought i packet my dinner here, but who will packnet dinner and sit there to eat ? if people question about this, how am i going to answer? "paiseh la forget my key, but this one i pack from that noodle store one la, you don’t believe you can ask that uncle.. " ..

finish my dinner in less then 5 min, and move to mc donald because i thought that i can use the internet there, hhhmmmm have to buy some food la else just sit in and use people internet ar ? so i act a bit to buy an ice milo and a big frice, start my com and waiting to get connect ..

so 40 min has pass … i still unable to get connect … arghhhhhhh , btw what i most angry is i been remind myself one day i might leave my key in the office and forget to bring back, because i have a habit that pull everything from my pocket and put all the table in the morning and throw everything back to bag before i leave the office in the evening, i even plan that to put a spare key in  my bag for this case .. but i only think …. so end up typing an offline post here …

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Mission Complete

November 5, 2005 Comments off

I m back .. continue of my prev post

  • 2 hour to reach there
  • 1 hour to waiting
  • spending 1 hour + to dinner and chit chat plus some walk walk
  • 1 hour + to come back …

its a short meet but its sweet, i fail to sneak to her office because we meet each other when she come down to buy bread .. lol ! anyway glad that i went , her mood original is not that good but after meeting me, she is much more better.

to end this post by pour some dog blood. i told her no need to say thank you , i just wish to hear you say i am happy

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