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Its time to lose weight

June 24, 2006 3 comments

Weight is always one of my biggest problem, after graduate from Melbourne it become my worst nightmare, lots of way i been trying but hard for me to maintain, so my weight its up and down around that few KG but nothing much different.

One of my aim is to lose 10KG since last year, but i m just lazy to start anything for this, until today i saw Mr Brown posting about A life-saving journey from XL to M . An encourage post to the fat people like me.

Damn ! if Mr Brown can do it, so can i ! a few conclusion from the post

  • No more soft drinks, no more sweet drinks and no more desserts ( i don’t drink much soft drink, but recently keep eating desserts , must stop it )
  • Reduce food portions, aim for round 80 per cent full, rather than 120 per cent
  • Exercise

so let me start the first 2 point and see how much can i lose !

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Lonely Merlion

June 19, 2006 Comments off

Walk pass merlion today, since no much guest around, taking the merlion photo !

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Lunch at KM8

June 13, 2006 Comments off

Lunch at KM8

One of the colleauge buy us lunch .. this was my first time to visit KM8 , heard that their fish and chips is nice, but i don’t really like it

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Work Satisfaction

June 11, 2006 Comments off

Why its not call Job Satisfaction ? because what i working on its not for my job more like for my own interest ..

I been sit in front of PC this whole weekend doing some coding, last night work untill this morning 4am and today continue from 9am , althought what i did last night wasted ( because i just feel its not suitable ) but i don’t feel upset of it, maybe i enjoy the process more then result ?

Its been long time since i last sit down and concentrate doing coding + research , now day busy with lots of thing , almost lost the energy to create thing , still remember during my best time , i created some plugin for wordpress, ported some theme for plog and did the ajax version of lilina , lets hope i can have something new to show soon.

what i been doing is related to theme, if you happen to pass by and see some unsual thing , might be i m testing the theme.

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Release my stress

June 8, 2006 Comments off

Finally after one month, my colleague is back .. i can start to breath again

when she around, i have to help out her for 3 project, lucky only 1 project is super active, because just go live , another project is quite quiet because of some changes , the last project just require some routine work, sound like 3 project no really that much ha … but those are only her work, plus my own project , this is nearly kill me ..

just a side note, can’t really convert to perm staff but at least getting a 10% increment ..

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Be There

June 5, 2006 Comments off

My Gal was having some medical problem, but i would like to tell her ..

” Not to worry , i will be there for you , when you need me “

She seem like quite mind of it, but from my view i think this is just a common medical issue, we should glad that is not something that related to life and death issue, at least for now ..

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Just hard to control

June 3, 2006 1 comment

I don’t really control my temper well, maybe i just like my dad , both of us get hot easily but i think i have better control if compare with him.

so normally i will just pretend i never heard any thing from him, or just skip from the battle area to avoid his missle. But just now i exploded on him .. over the phone, same reason like the last time. the last time that i explode ( if my memory serve me right ) is because he mention ” am i did something wrong ( no polite or whatever) so that the officer of Informatics never handle my Uni application ? thats because i waiting for quite some time for the reply from the Uni , i was like wtf ? what does this related ?”

so he did it again today, because i told mum that my wallet is missing, 2 of them been bombard on my phone since morning, since missing wallet already quite upset me, their bombard just make me getting frastrated … finally explode when my dad say ” is it because of what you did in the office so people steal your wallet …” OMG ! can’t the people just because of greedy or what ? why must i be the cause ? ……………. ARGH !

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