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Busy with office work

August 21, 2008

since monday i been busy for office work , for the past few day my schedule is something like this

  • 6am wake up , read news
  • 7am prepare and going to office
  • 8am+ reach office, having breakfast and continue reading news
  • 9am start working
  • 1pm take a 20 min break , lunch in at office
  • 7pm+ finally can go home
  • 9pm+ reach home

so i leave 1~2 hour plus per day, 11pm have to sleep already . This explain why there is lack of update here. Although is quite busy but i kind of like it , at least now day lots of work is quite challenging but lack of personal time for my own thing, anyway lets hope end of the month the new guy coming and i can take a break not need to be so stress.

Geez really going downfall , blog about daily life , haha …

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