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My Life Report 28/8/2004

August 28, 2004 Comments off

Ok, i admit i m lazy to think about title, so my life report sound ok for me ..

now is 6++ in the morning, i just finish bath and waiting for 7 am. Last nite after i finish some develop on the GUM, i feel tired and sleep, not even follow my original plan to blog, so i better fill in something now b4 i get bz ..

today will be a bz day for me, morning have to go for some sort of hotel, setup the projector for my company, because there is a training session later, then have to rush back to office, support the Taiwan MIS for some sort of testing, other then that canon guy will become to setup the printer… geez hope i wont fall in sleep in office.

i was having some chit chat with Lance yesterday, we are actually talking about hosting biz again, think i really have to start something soon, after paying so much for these month, mmmm have to check check hows the server price again and see see what other domain left ..

Comex is coming, at first i dun think i will spend $$ on this PC/IT Show, but who know my router spoil and i can’t find my receipt for the warranty, bah .. i wonder what will i buy tomorrow ? currently in my list
– hardwarezone membership
-5 port linksys router
– maybe wireless G router

i hope end of this month my script blog can up ..

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Take A Break B4 i start coding

August 14, 2004 Comments off

Geez, original thinking after i done everything then will pop in here to write something ..
but .. i feel a bit tired so come in here to take a break ..
at first thinking to do some coding tonite, but after done some admin job, havent start coding i feel sleepy already, ahhhhh cannot tonite must do something since i already waste last nite, and if possible later maybe wan to gaming also ..

* have a quick check what i wrote last post* ooohh basicly not much thing happen this few day , other then my linksys wireless router die this morning, i was trying to upgrade the firmware for it, it keep return error so i just off and on again my router, then gone .. cannot connect to web interface any more .. aih.. need to travel down to simlim to claim again .. i hope i still have the warranty card , geez these year one of the changing of me is will start keep the warranty card/receipt …. a sign of growing up ? or older ? hehe

ok la thats all btw i know recently seem like only life blog its keep rolling, i will try to provide more content la, no worry , next week will be outstation to thai, maybe that will be a good time to blog ..

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Yeah ! Online

August 11, 2004 Comments off

Yes ! almost half of the month never online already, and finally my new flatmate wj go and apply it and bring back the modem.

Lucky today i was on MC, so i can actually try out the connection, too bad it can’t connect directly in my room, so at the end have to use wireless again.

my gal was visit me today because i m on MC, she brought me the duck poridge, where i think quite ok altot a bit oily. then she using my computer for surfing net while i taking some rest after the lunch and then she open an attachment which contain virus ….

so far it seem my computer still quite ok , after dl a few scanning tools also can’t find that virus, maybe that file just a joke ? no idea, hope it wont cause me any problem, first day getting back the internet then get virus, this remind me a joke

there is a legend way to protect your computer without any virus infectionwhich is without connect to the internet

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Taste In Jb

August 11, 2004 Comments off

Yeah.. taste was in jb since Friday for his WCG competition …
we meet on sat and sun for lunch and have discuss about the future of GUM
althought its second time meeting this fellow , but he still the same, the eyes keep runing here and there for gal,
he and his fren was actually go singapore to see see look look gal ..
any way i did attend his final match for WCG …. i can only say that he is pro for ut2004 …
btw thx for the pizza treat !

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Life Wt Internet

August 4, 2004 Comments off

Finally settle down on this month, move to my new home, everything seem fine except there is no internet.
according to my landlord the internet might come during this weekend, geez .. days wt internet is kind of bored, i sleep quite early because nothing to do .. sigh ..

other then this i was start coding some of gum, weeee use to be a php lover, but now a lot of syntax i can’t recall and recently i was coding VBA for Excel, so it seem all the syntax was mix together to me .. any way moral of the story is, you can’t stop .. if u stop u might need to start all over again

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