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Ipod Touch on the way

July 25, 2008 Comments off

I have just ordered a refurbished ipod touch 8GB on Wednesday, after seeing so many news about application store, when to get a iphone is still a unknow to me, so i m getting this refurbished ipod touch to fill the blank until i get my iphone 3g ( which might be next year ? after my first year contract , lets hope i can resist it when it release).

This is the 3rd time i order something from apple , every time also refurbished product and their shipment method every time is different. The first time is for my macbook pro, that was the best, they call you and confirm the timing, second time is for my imac, the fellow just appear suddenly without giving a call and now the 3rd time, i receive this sms early in the morning


ok finally is on the way , let hope i can blog about the app store this weekend.Updated my gadget list for now ipod touch is going to replace N800 on my planning usage.

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Another 2 week MC

July 15, 2008 Comments off

Just not long ago, i had 4 day mc because of some false alarm. Now i kena chicken pox and getting 2 week MC again .. sigh.

I seem like being grounded , can’t leave the house because this can be spread to others, although it seem very common that most of the people have vaccine for chickenpox. Most of the people that i know it’s either have chicken pox during young or getting vaccine injection already.

since there will be 2 week of MC , i must make use of it nicely.

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Do you envy good speaker ?

July 4, 2008 Comments off

Yes i do , this mainly because i can’t  speak well. Just now there is a town hall at my office and we meet up with our International President , the person that in charge of our company international biz, i can’t deny that he is really a good speaker, don’t be surprise that a lot of big shot can’t really speak well but those good speaker in the company normally will become big shot.

Starting with some joke as ice breaker , then announce some of the news and explain some of the detail in a humor way and relax, i would say it’s quite enjoy for listen to a good speaker. I hope one day i can have the same kind of confident standing in front and speak ..

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