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Shall I or Shall I Not ?

October 25, 2004 2 comments

Recently was bz to “design” web service, basiclly because i getting a very large reseller account, so to fully make use of it, i was thinking to provide some free web service, so future i got the reputation to build up the hosting biz ..

In my mind i more focus on how to provide the web service to msian, my thinking is to provide some free service to the place i born, and sg ( the place i have my education and work), so everytime when i think about some service, my idea is how am i going to provide only to msian and sgrean …

Just now when i getting opinion from my dear old friend lancelot, he did mention something, dun limit yourself, internet is for world, why you want to limit yourself ? this is the first time he saw someone to limit in the internet …

hhhmmmm… shall i fair to every user ? or shall i giving extra value to user from the my & sg ?

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Power, if you have lots of reader

October 19, 2004 2 comments

i did witness how powerful if you blog been read by lots of reader …

example the famous Xiaxue blog about there is a blogger aina which is a copycat, she copy almost 80% of xiaxue’s blog, include design, the i hate xiaxue idea, and hear that even some of the content is direct copy…

so i went for aina site to take a look, its comfirm plagiarism … geez i can’t believe really got blogger dare to copy another blogger so blindly.

Just after xiaxue blog about this, and start got ppl go flood aina shoutbox, and few day later aina’s blog lock by password already , geez hear that xiaxue got 3 k visitor each day, if each of them send aina a hatemail, hahahhahha flood her mail in 1 week time ..

Update : ok some one ask for the password for aina’s blog , i dun have la.. but with the power of google, see this aina’s blog cache on google

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Words Of Satan

October 16, 2004 1 comment

Ya i saw this as someone forum’s signature … original in chinese i translate it by babel fish translation Chinese Version is more funny

what satan say
1. “Is your humanity crime, what all right moves drags makes to my body?”
2. “I am the evil incarnation, how? Richly gains?”
3. “Initially that dictatorship was despotic does not accommodate the dissident the big bastard, expelled me the homeland not to say, but also taught people bad things the ignorant humanity to hate me. Obviously own are doing the misdemeanor, but also must be called me to work as scapegoat?”
4. “Yes, yes, yes….. If I have that many devil, me already unified universe, but also needs to struggle a small Earth with you?”
5. “On the Earth has pile of fools to call self is my follower. Actually did not know I am not accomplishing the idiot with these which insufficient, is shortsighted, only knows the destruction.”
6. “The time is progressing, that this is called the Holy Bible the book early to come apart with the time two millenniums.”
7. “The deconstruction world has the advantage to me? Little stupid, upright and frank prepares the fellow which makes the judgement day is the person which that is called Jehovah.”
8. “The Indian, the Chinese, the eskimo do not believe me, then you said I exist?”
9. “Whose pocket has your money all entered? Is not Jehovah, also is not I, is these gods stick.”
10. “When you need the god time, where is he at? Same truth, when you need my time, I may not spatially manage you this not worthy of mentioning idiot.”

Chinese Version Read more…

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My PC Nearly Down Again

October 16, 2004 Comments off

Yeap, just now around 5+, while i watching the SHE concert DVD, my PC auto restart ….

no no its not virus thats for sure, i believe its some hardware issue, after lots of try, it seem like going worse, some time just after the bios loading then restart already ..wah ..

so i wash my hand on it, go have my dinner and NTUC buy some gossary.

after i come back, no choice have to fix it up, else i will have a sleepless night, i take out the memory and test, seem working for a while.. then restart again..

Damn its not memory problem, then i saw my display card …. hhhhhmmm so i just take out my display card and put in again..

tadada ….. working fine now … mmmmmm display card placement will cause auto restart ?

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I m 39% Evil

October 14, 2004 4 comments

I am 39% evil.
39% Evil
I could go either way. I have sinned quite a bit but I still have a bit of room for error. My life is a tug of war between good and evil.
Are you evil? find out at

Credit to LCF’s – I am not so innocent

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Chinese Treatment

October 13, 2004 Comments off

Just come back from the chinese sin seh treatment, as i say my neck something wrong.

Last night was the first night, tonite is the second night, according the chinese sin seh i need to go back again this friday, sigh …, but i must agreed it really work, from first night pain till i cannot sleep and cannot move my head around, after the first treatment my neck already able to move more direction and have a nice sleep.

when i thought should be 90 % recover, today while the treatment, the sin seh press certain area, shit it still pain like shit … , the last time i actually feel pain is when i have my wisdom teeth grow …

hope that i can recover soon, because right now, i cannot on the fan, cannot drink ice water, cannot eat chicken … cannot bath properly also because there is some chinese medicine paste on me ..

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My neck is pain

October 12, 2004 Comments off

Ya while i typing this my neck is pain, since this morning wake up my neck is already pain, i think is because of bad position while sleeping… then just now during nite time, when i sneezing … argh i did it again and now my neck become worse …

basiclly the whole night i can’t sleep properlly and now i type this with my neck in horinzontal 45 degree looking at the monitor.. argh…

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