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My Dream Shop

October 29, 2006 Comments off

Last night when i watching one of the hk drama, suddenly i realize the main char in the drama actually own a shop which have similar concept of my dream shop. The shop in the drama is combine of cyber cafe with gaming develop workshop ..

My dream shop which i always wish to open is about the same , half of it maybe selling best coffee or breakfast or even can be a pub , the other half will be software /application house, i can get a good coffee in the morning before i start to develop some work or when i code until tired i can just come out to get a coke.

On top of that maybe the whole shop will be using open source software ? so call open source breakfast shop or open source pub ? hahahah …

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Busy Weekend

October 22, 2006 Comments off

What a busy weekend ..

Meet up with friendi on saturday , he come back from KL for long weekend, went to devil bar, the girl is hot there, damn is been long time since i last clubbing ..

Today my parent is coming because of long weekend also, last night after come back from clubbing is about 3am , today have to wake up about 7++am for my parent .. after bring them travel around Sentosa for half of the day, they just went back after dinner.
damn by right i should build up the new engine for bloglah …

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Before I Forgot About This

October 10, 2006 2 comments

Happy 23rd birthday , My Gal !

Wish You Happy Always and Healthy Always

My Gal Birthday

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Salesforce Demo

October 6, 2006 Comments off

Just saw the demo of salesforce yesterday at office, i would say very impress ( the corporate manager do look attractive but thats not the reason lah ) and i almost fall in love with the application, if compare to netsuite , it seem more flexible , more customizable , more user friendly.

The person that present demo makes the difference also, netsuite give the user a too complex impression, althought i did give them some screen shot of our current program, but they didn’t prepare properly, meanwhile i only meet salesforce just half hour before the demo ( i meet netsuite before this ) , but she present just what the user want and create a customize for user on the fly ..

Two day ago , i still thinking about maybe i should host up sugarcrm as in house open source solution but by now i think salesforce should be the better choice, haha now i even thinking to join in the developer network to have code something on it, can we have an open source version of appexchange ? Not just simple like Sforce but maybe the custom application part ? hehe

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Open Source CRM

October 3, 2006 1 comment

I been working on feedback/helpdesk project for one of the department these day, base on their requirement it seem like getting a CRM solution will be easier , i trying to sourcing btw on-demand and On-premises solution, doing some comparison which mode actually suitable for us. But today Open Source CRM has become our 3rd option.

Bringing open source to the company that i work is always part of my wish , example i bring open office to my previous company because of m$ office license issue and now i got a chance to actually show the rest in the company, what open source can do !

these are the Open Source CRM choice in my mind

each got its own good and bad, both also meet certain requirement of the proposal system .. tough choice! at the same time i m a bit struggle also , i m thinking getting on-demand service also not bad, so that i can have a try on Netsuite or Salesforce , argh !!! have to start work on evaluation …