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Looplater and Plurk on my daily using list

June 8, 2008 Comments off

2 new service added on my almost-daily-usage list last week.  Looplater , which i mention in my recent post – Save now read later and Plurk – the one that might be replace twitter.

Looplater become something hot on my daily usage of web2.0 service , why ? because it allow me to save some of the link that i think i m interested but no time to go through yet or some of the site that just need me to read through , i using it as a filtering service before the links go to my bookmark, at the same time it setup a routine for me to clear my links every week, i m having too many 2do, 2read,2 try list on my , lets hope mixing with Looplater can let me be more productivity

I know about Plurk when it just release because it develop by todoist developer , but i never think of give it a try, until recently due to lots of twitter down time, lots of replacement suggestion floating around and Plurkis one of them ( my favourite will be jaiku ), currently Plurk is quite intersting but it is still too early to say it going to replace twitter.

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A new step forward

June 2, 2008 Comments off

Finally i have take a new step foward of my job, today was the first meeting and also the first day i take up new profile, although i still clearning some of my leave over work on my old profile.

i was trying hard to follow what been discuss in the meeting today, but it is an exciting experience, because the things that been discuss i can’t really face it on my old profile, a simple conclusion will be i can learn more on this new profile and i can learn more from experience people.

In stead of one man gang in my old profile , now i have proper team member/leader and i got people to discuss with, not like the old time which a lots of thing i have to digging and research myself, some time is quite boring.

i think i gonna get busy for the next 6 month .

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GTD 02/06

June 2, 2008 3 comments

First time setup some weekend goal, although can’t complete all but i think this should be a good reminder for myself, remind me to get my own thing done

what i done

  • setup lifestream page
  • testing openx and drupal integration
  • subcribe to flickr pro
  • fix my vps backup cronjob

partial done

  • 10 blog post, i only completed 5
  • 10 web2.0 trial , i only completed 4

never start

  • clear 10 delicious bookmark 2do list
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