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Sick again

April 19, 2007 Comments off

After i blog about blogless day , next day morning i feel like something is wrong, i thought it might be just another flu , but after i find out it seem like part of my face is swollen , i know something is really going wrong.

Doc told me is Mumps , i need to be isolated because this can be spread to the rest , 3 day MC for me to stay at home. Argh ! i want to have some rest but not in this way .. sigh  ! It seem like quite a serious issue , doc actually told me that this need to notify MOH.

After i know this can be spread , i m busy to inform everyone , i will be guilty if someone strike by this because of me, lucky so far haven’t heard any bad news.

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Blogless Day

April 17, 2007 1 comment

This is a blogless day, which i got tons of thing feel to blog about it but i got no mood to blog. It’s like you tons of new idea for a new application but you just don’t feel like start the implementation ..

  • I been testing on twitter and jaiku which i wish to blog about, or maybe after i test the Tumblr
  • Recently testing on different tod0/task management which i wish to blog about vitalist & stikkit , why am i nearly choose this 2 service but at the end still went back to RTM
  • while i using back google calendar to organize my daily life, i been test out different solution to sync btw outlook, palm and windows mobile which i wish to blog about it
  • Sharing my beta experince of Pfingo on my Treo 750
  • Test out basecamp & goplan and wish to share why i prefer to use goplan
  • Blog about my plan to relaunch &

so many thing so little time, let me take a break and have an early rest, follow up my update on my twitter page pls.

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MC Today

April 4, 2007 Comments off

Finally not going to work today , give myself a day off,  let myself enjoy MC. I m having a really hard time for the past 2 day ,  feeling sick but still need to go to work, rushing for report.

My boss did ask me to go home and rest but my answer will be No, since no one can do these report, how can i rest at home ? Sigh, as i told my boss , this is our department current problem, all of us are overload with work and no one can share with, if anyone of us is leaving today, my boss will have big problem.

Original plan is taking 2 day off to stay home blogging , coding and develop some site but now i can just rest and play WOW.

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Finally Over

April 1, 2007 Comments off

I thought this will be finished on Friday but i m wrong and it continue for the past 2 day , finally most of the work that related to “End Of Financial Year” is done.

I m tired, for the past few day sleep at 1am~2am and wake up on 6:30am is killing me ( playing killing me softly at the background ) , people might just that i have the most easiest job , just sit down there and do the printing will do but no one know that i need to take care the before and after , wasting most of my energy is the part sit down there do nothing and do printing ..

maybe is time to go, although i been doing so much but still getting attack by some so call “manager”, sigh ! no more job satisfaction for me.

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