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D&D Coming

March 29, 2006 Comments off

Recently is superrrrrrrrrr busy because is end of financial year .. lots of thing in my mind that i want to blog but no time ..

but this one die die must blog first tomorrow is my company D&D … the theme is back to school , so you can imagine there will be lots of student hanging around tomorrow, its my first D&D in this company, lets just hope tomorrow night will be a wonderful night.

My D&D Pass

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Thats why Open Source Is tough here

March 21, 2006 1 comment

Now i know why open source is not popular here already, because the people here repackage the open source and sell it …

It just happen that today, one of the company come over and trying to sell a digital image program to us, the first view of the program , i know that is gallery2 , that fellow want to sell gallery2 by the price of 10k to our company for the digital image solution ..

Imagine if i m not there or i m not familiar with all these open source solution , my company might just bought this solution and spend tons of money on this.

when you talk about open source, the management will say not, but when open source repackage by these kind of company selling at high price, the management will say yes .. sigh

5 years

March 18, 2006 Comments off

5 more min .. and this is the 5th year for me and my gal. Its seem like just happen yesterday ? 5 years ago , on the same day she respond to my feeling , both of us never really expect that this relationship can work out this long .. but suprisely until today we still hold each other hand tigh.

Dear , Happy Anniversary ..

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3rd Coffee

March 14, 2006 3 comments

Its my 3rd cup of coffee today, drinking coffee is one of my way to release stress, but since i got experience drink too much coffee and cause headache, i been trying my best to keep my coffee habit low.

Thing is pretty fast in March, i been assign lots works, i do feel job satifaction now but part of my heart is keep shouting for tired, i believe that part of heart wish to have a more relax work, then after go back home ( not so tired ) i can spend more time on my own project .. , a good example is i been start learning the ruby since CNY but its been stop for nearly 1 month .. sigh.

the other part of heart did ask me to give up these project and just concentrate on work, so that when i free i can just relax and have fun or play a bit of game …

mix kind of feeling ..

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Appraisal Result

March 12, 2006 Comments off

i mention about my appraisal time is coming not long ago and my boss actually have a short meeting with everyone of us.

this is my first time that able to talk with the person that appraise me, my prev company the person that appraise me is the CEO, he just submit the result without telling me anything .. my current boss told me that i appraise myself too high, but he understand that this is my first time doing this, he explain a more detail hows the rank works to me.

when talking about the retail project, i getting very emotional because i did a lot a lot a lot of work on that and the project manager is totally cannot make it , most of the time he did something wrong and i will be the one to fixed it. My boss actually frighten when he see me so “emotional” , then i start trash out everything, althought at the end my rating never change but i feel better because i told lots of thing that i feel unhappy about the job.

among 5 of people in my department i actually getting no 3 high rate, not that good but still consider not bad, it seem like seem my boss will give me a chance to start manage a project too, this could help me to get a better rating next year ..

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Welcome Gal !

March 6, 2006 Comments off

Nothing much, just come back from my gal temp staying place, its been her 3rd working day, she is lucky that meet up some old friend and going to stay with them for this period, its basiclly because of her sis, she need to see which poly will take her sis, then they will choose a more suitable location  ..

anyway just hope that my gal will enjoy her new live, she just stay some place which is 3 bus stop aways from me ..

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appraisal time

March 5, 2006 1 comment

Its my 3rd working year and this is the second time i have to fill in my appraisal form ..

it sound like a fair system but everyone also know that there is unfair factor in appraisal and i m really clueless what to write, i don’t really consider a hardworking person, but my area work i believe that i been doing good. But its no you say yourself good then your boss accept that and i believe my manager already rate me with his own rating, this appraisal form is just to show ppl that we are open  ..

i been thinking a lot, shall i leave or shall i stay, i like the environment but it seem like our IT management sux, can you believe my neighbour come to work about 10am or 11am daily ? my manager just keep quiet and always ask us where is him ..

i giving myself here 2 year time, the first year is ending soon , just hope that the reward will be what i want.

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