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Dinner with Su

December 31, 2004 1 comment

Su for suriani, one of my indo friend which know while i study in melbourne …

I just had dinner with Su and her bf and some of our melbourne friend together, its been nearly 1 year since i saw her, it seem like having a bf did help, she look better compare with 1 year before ..
she seem like a young sister to me, some time i even need to call her to wake up her for class or project while we study in Melbourne ..

mmm a bit upset is just now when we chit chat, i mention about the memory of 5 of us ( su, grace, kyven, felicia and me) doing a project, its was a execellent project which score HD , i think our group is the highest score group … but none of them remember … aih … !

meeting with old friend bring up a lot of memory ..i miss the old day in Melbourne

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Sick @ Xmas

December 26, 2004 Comments off

Since i come back from Penang/Kl trip on thursday, i dun feeling well already
start by headache then fever then sore throat and cough, i was thinking just common heat problem, so i basiclly ignore it and drink with a lot of water to hope that can get recover …

but too bad from xmas eve till xmas till today, i m still sick … and it seem getting worse ..
after fever will become flu … flu finish fever again … argh ! but thx that my gal is here to take care of me ..

so this sunday morning i finally decide to go see doc, i m first time to see this doc which near my staying place ( normally i will go the clinic which near my office) , the doc seem a bit young ( and new) i like to check by young doc, its because they are still new, fresh not so money sucking face, some of the doc which i go for will just get more medicine for u and charge u a lot … ( mmmmm not you la drLiew )

lol this young doc which i meet with, its quite funny.. ask me to eat more fruit la.. to build the immune system, then i ask him “huh ? u not going to give me some medicine to build the immune system ar ?” , he say eat fruit got same effect la… eat medicine cost more ma.. hahha since my medicine is able to claim who care to save this kind of $$ …

so finally i have my medicine and sit down here to type this blog … visitor pls pray for me to get well soon .. thx

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Back To SG

December 23, 2004 Comments off

Yeah, finnally back to sg after my SG-Penang-KL-SG trip ….
not feeling well now .. too much alcohol ? drink too less water ?
geez tomorrow is Xmas… dun wanna fall sick ..

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I saw This In Penang

December 23, 2004 4 comments

I reach penang yesterday, to fix up some network issue in Penang Office, after the whole day working, i went back the hotel for check in and bath, then waiting my colleague to come over fetch me for some drink at lobby, then this is what i saw ….

first there is this Mr Jap Guy reach the hotel and stand in front of the hotel, then another car, 2 pretty girl come down and with a Mr Jap Boss, so the Mr Jap Guy seem like the translator btw the Mr Jap Boss and those 2 pretty girl ( one tall one short) then my colleague come and fetch me, we go out see see look look drink drink …

after i come back, its about 12++, it seem the loudge still got singer singing, since i still not sleepy yet, i decide went to loudge for a beer, after i sit, i reliase the Mr Jap Guy with those 2 girl just sit beside me, Mr Jap boss are not around, then i think 3 of them are drunk, Mr Jap Guy hug the short girl and they start french kiss …. in front of all of us

they kiss till like no star no moon, even the waitress was standing beside to wait for the guy for billing. after a while it seem getting pretty hot, the Mr Jap Guy start unbutton that short gal, wootttt can even saw the black bra !

lol i think they almost want to start xxx ing .. but i think the other girl stop them, so they end up stop it, and ask for the billing again, the short gal was slowly button up her shirt .. haha ..

thats what i saw in Penang hotel .. nice huh !

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Part Of My Life

December 19, 2004 Comments off

Recently was bz to play wow, so most of my blog seem like a gaming photoblog, gaming really take out a lot of time ………

life is pretty good recently, this coming week gonna rush to KL then fly over to Penang, be back on thursday just in time for company xmas lunch, last year i get the $500 voucher for mobile phone, this year hope that i m still lucky, my aim is on that 15 inch TV.

hosting stuff is pretty mess up, want to find some one to share but end up cannot make it, a bit like wasting money, but i think i mostly will get a server during this xmas promotion, then i can start my open source hosting solution idea, my develop work on gum is pretty much complete, but we are quite unlucky that our designer lancelot connection down again , sigh wonder when can show the new layout to public then i will start to develop some small program … to polish up my php skill.

one more small wish is to have a better build body .. sigh i getting fat again .. sob

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Give Seat

December 7, 2004 Comments off

On the bus just now, quite a lot of ppl so there is no place to sit, i can only stand …
then i saw this guy, hhhmmmmm quite familiar, if i not wrong he will get down from the bus soon, so i try to stand near his seat, wait to catch the seat.

so the bus stop reach, he get down from the bus and i get the seat, just after i sit, there is a little girl squeeze in ( the bus almost full with ppl), i look at her and struggle for few second …

it seem no ppl care about it, so after few second, i just stand up and let my seat for her, i did shame for myself for the few second struggle, it seem like i waiting for other to let seat for her then i can continue sitting.

actually give seat to ppl is not tough, is just that some time its hard to start

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life ?

December 5, 2004 Comments off

i was back to jb yesterday, so during noon time we are going to holidays plaza have a walk, after having the genki sushi as our lunch, we just hang around those “gaming shop” hehe wanna bring some game back to sg play la.

then suprizely i saw a woman which i think i saw her b4 keep asking me to buy game, then when she ask me whats wrong ( cos i keep looking at her) i was telling her the bookshop name last time she working, she looks a bit suprise and mention that bookshop is gone, now she have to work for selling game

i m so suprize, i use to always go her shop to rent comics or novel, but now its gone, and as a experince bookshop worker now can only become a gaming cd seller .. what a change

life is getting worse ? or better ?

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