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What If You Ex …

April 27, 2004 3 comments

Juz saw lcf post about his ex might want to move to his place ..

i not sure how every one with thier ex , but i m not good enuf to handle any of my ex
some of them c me and run after break up ,
some of them c me pretend like never c me ..
lucky got one still willing to keep in touch with on icq but she very ma fan
ops ! not so good to say like that, but how u going to handle if they still demand a lot from you ?

what i will do is
1. pretend never c her question, cos msn ma…
2.pretend asleep so never ans her
3.pretend never c her if accidently meet outside ..
4.pretend low batt when getting her sms

Bah ! .. no wonder all my ex avoid me .. hahah juz think think only la ..

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I Clever ? Boss Give Me A Break

April 23, 2004 Comments off

Yesterday my boss was actually give me a comment " You are Clever" i was stun ! …. basiclly because his was working on power point then his interface was getting a bit funny where everything start from right to left so i been called to solve the problem, after i do some research and testing and i let him know just change the view direction from right to left -> left to right, then everything will be fine, after i did that, he give me the comment that say " You are Clever " Boss , not i clever la, its just that you are boss you wont spend the time to search , i spend most of my time on search & help

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No worry

April 22, 2004 3 comments

Last nite before going off from the office, i was actually have some chit chat with my gf on the phone i was telling her one of my good friend was going to divorce with her husband and i might move out and stay her in future but my gf wish i don’t move out with her, she worry that i might have some relation with her Sigh .. its a bit upset while listen my gf comment, not just because thing like she dun trust me or wat.. its more because she still not understand my character,i feel more comfortable and more clip with gal i have more female fren then the male fren, i easy to become good close fren with female .. i think it might be because i dun have much topic with guy ? 1. i dun like car ,not crazy on car model 2. i dun like soccer, not crazy on any soccer team .. so if i can choose i will prefer female flatmate rather then male ….

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No progress !

April 22, 2004 Comments off

For the past 2 day during night time the only activity i did is sleep
Sigh .. i have no idea why am i so tired ?
because not having dinner ?
because just finish shopping at IT Mall ?
or just simple because too many work ?

aih .. if continue like this i wont have time to complete my work ..
i believe tonite KTV outing have to cancel already ..

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No need to move !

April 16, 2004 Comments off

After have some “nice” talk with my landlady, finally she agreed to no raise my rental fee
( of cos la i insist say NO) and we will talk about it “after the contract finish ”
yes ! save agent fee ! altot i start not like the env here ..
well i wan to save $$ for a notebook so no choice ! any way save all the problem !

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Life sux .. Move again ?

April 16, 2004 Comments off

Just when i thought everything been settle down
want to buy a notebook for myself, my landlady suddenly told me that she wan to raise my rental fee !
wat the hell ??
after calm down and i do some research , by rule the contract havent finish, she can’t raise my rental fee ..
and i would rather to move out in stead of let her raise it ..
mmmmm saw an advertisement on news paper , $350 for a master bed room with air con .. yeah !

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Guys and Gals !

April 16, 2004 1 comment

Just saw this blog on LCF weblogs ..
remind me of some friendship i have during in aus, what will you think when a guy and a gal hug together ?
the first thing come in your mind is it they are bf & gf ?
hhhhmmm i use to have 2 female friend which very close, we can even sleep on the same bed ..
hey hey nth happen, its just that do some programming no stop till everyone is tired ..
when i leave aus that night , i did hug her twice … sad to seperate with this friend ..

p/s LCF will you think she might try to hint you something ? and Cheer Up pal !

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