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First Meeting In New Company

July 31, 2005 Comments off

As i mention before in my new company we actually have a IT department and i m one of the member, compare to last time one man show, i learn a lot of thing here.

so Friday is actually our first department meeting, not only first to me, according my colleague who just join 9 month ago, its also the first department meeting since he start working here, ooh forget to mention this department meeting is some how been cursed, we actually change the date for this meeting 3 times already.

the whole meeting will go through all the latest project, each member is handle, let the rest of the department member know hows the progress of the project, geez this kind of meeting really nice, i can learn a lot of thing from their project, how their handle, how they plan the project.

Consider i still new , currently i have 3 project on hand

  • retail system – dealing with replication of system, pull back transaction and push down configuration
  • sms system – report daily sales to senior management
  • database conversion – there got some small database application which using Access 2.0 , i need to convert it to latest db and fix some data structure

after the meeting we all went for lunch together, our department director did buy us lunch but lunch with plain water … OMG at least give us soem soft drink la … thats all for the meeting.

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Not in the mood

July 27, 2005 1 comment

Ya not in the mood to blog, the server was having problem for the past few day, not really a big problem to other user, but i wish can fix it up .. everyday at least spending few hour t research the problem, but still can’t solve it ar .. put my mood down ..

Eye getting tired now day after coding in company come back continue to trying fix up the server then after that reading some tech news.. geez will i need to wear spec soon ??

i realiase some reading style is changing, last time need to go google news to read tech news or what ever now is totally different, i either will go to see who bookmark some good article/site/post/blog, then i will read through my rss by bloglines last i will visit digg .

saw the new ibook … hmmm think i still prefer powerbook if compare .. geez maybe next time i should get a powerbook as notebook ? zzzzzzz nearly 0 in bank still got this kind of fat dream .. 

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Weekend Bla~

July 25, 2005 2 comments

2 more finish and the weekend is gone .. thinking to blog about this weekend and what recently happen ..

  • server moved , lots of bug need to fix myself, my admin seem MIA again, this let me quite worry recently he always like that, i hope that this new server will be better.
  • lots of idea jump in my mind , i was playing with some web service API for the past few day, but think no time complete it ..
  • this morning suddenly blink! a idea flash into my mind, after visit so many site recently and saw many article about web2.0, i was thinking to move thegumppl into user-driven of website, rather then let it die like that ..
  • always feel that lots of idea but less of time to implement  .. don’t know how many project do it half way, how many idea in my mind ..
  • start packing my thing, gonna move again, this time move back to bishan stay with my brother, after his flatmate leave,  but unfortunely his landlord just tell him going to sell the house , i think in about 2~3 month time i gonna move again ..
  • playing prince of percia : warrior within now.. quite good i like the action the graphics … but hate it cannot save any place, i spend more then 30 times reload for one of the boss .. sigh
  • bz playing with tag,delicious , bloglines and following web2.0 … it seem thats the future of internet web site
  • doing some update on my blog .. havent done yet waiting for more ..

hhmmmm become some sort of notes liao ? 

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What I Wish To See Next Blogger.SG ?

July 17, 2005 Comments off

Just have some thought about what Blogger.SG can be improve next time

  • Having some self introduction section, maybe each blogger can do a small intro about their own blog
  • Invite some famous blogger talking about some interesting topic in blogsphere ( example Rockson )
  • Talking more about blog tools and blog related service
  • Talking more about different community blog ( this year do have but maybe a bit lack of organize )
  • Having some blog award
  • more refreshment
  •  etc …. to be added


I Went To Bloggers.Sg 2005

July 16, 2005 14 comments

As a malaysia Blogger which stayed in singapore, i attended Bloggers.SG 2005  .

In the morning there are a Intro of Blogging Workshop which organized by National Library , i went to that also, its a bit boring because the workshop seem like a beginner class for blogger, Xia Xue is talking about why she blog and how she blog , Mr Brown actually teach how to use blogger , flickr these kind of tools , but i think its quite suitable for those blogger beginner or non blogger.

thumb-brownmorning.jpg thumb-xiaxuemorning.jpg

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Some Thought on Bloglitics

July 10, 2005 2 comments

i was trying to blog something about this when i first saw this at

We talked about the Singaporean blog culture, the upcoming Blogger’s convention, the commercial aspect of blogging, among other things. One thing I realised from our conversation is how much more mature and serious the blog culture is in Singapore compared to the rest of Asia. Its evident from the facts. Mr brown, Miyagi are writing for Today; Wendy is writing for The New Paper, Maxim, endorsing LocalBrand; and most interestingly, commercial entities are APPROACHING the Bloggercon organizers for sponsorship, instead of the other way round.

after that its getting more interesting kenny blog about bloglitics and at least i still have friends , which i feel i need to salute kenny , he is telling quite some facts which we ignore/avoid it , nothing much to say since there are tons of comment there to support him, i just blog this as a support !

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Recent Life 10 July

July 10, 2005 Comments off

Something about my recently life

  • start reading blog thru bloglines 
  • selling my 2-month-old notebook due to new company gonna give me one to use 
  • watching lots of movie recently 
  • start the new job about 1 month already, tired but lots of new thing to learn 
  • Start playing some offline game , avoid all kind of online game
  • getting a new server in singapore, gonna cancel my US server
  • salary increase a bit but still money not enough
  • moving back to bishan soon
  • keep wanted to develop some program but lazy bum bum ..
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