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Conversation On The Bus

September 28, 2004 Comments off

Just now while on the way back, i heard these conversation btw this 2 school gal ..

its not about relationship, its not about $$ and its not about fashion …
this 2 gal one have the cute and innocent look, the other one is a bit of book worm look…

miss cute : hey guess my math getting wat mark ?
after miss nerd a few guess …
miss cute : yeah its 86 … its my first time getting so high since sec 2 tiill sec 4 ..
miss nerd : yeah yeah
miss cute : i spend so much time on study finally getting some good result ..
miss nerd : yeah yeah ..
miss cute : i keep pratice and pratice for all these question and now i success …
miss nerd : yeah yeah ..

i just wondering, its miss cute trying to show off ? or she just wish getting some attention ..
some time when you putting a lot of effort on some thing, u do wish ppl to know ..
you wish that ppl know that you are not base on luck , you did study hard, at least thats what i did when i was young ..

Happy Moon Cake Festival ..

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No thx

September 26, 2004 Comments off

xiaxue, i think most of the ppl noe about this gal? she is the most popular blogger in singapore , 3000 hits each day ler ..

just saw one of her post just now, its about losting a friend through the blogging, and i saw this quote “They laugh at me because I am different, but I laugh at them because they are all the same.”

Yeah, when ppl always say doing this for our own good, do we really “must” follow and accept it ? i think most of the ppl face this during their life, the ppl surround them will actually try to tell them whats is the true and what is the false, but do we need to just follow by how they judge ?

i will say no thx, let me try to go by my way, i might just lost my way or i might just get wat i want …

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Internet Radio Web Developer Interview

September 25, 2004 Comments off

I think i mention before that i going to apply as a web developer for some Internet Radio channel.
ya those radio channel that you can listen when you click on internet radio on winamp.

todaty happen to be the interview for this, we did it in irc channel.
its kind of dissappoint for the whole interview session, i think the web developer team original got a kids as a leader , ok i did give comment on what he has design not really looks good, i think he saw all those msg and kep bombard me ..

sigh, thats why i dun like really kids ( duh sound like old man ) , ya i use to be a kids but at least i noe my limit when i was kids.

he even sound like want to teach me what is call web developer … OMG …! althought i sux i also no need you to teach, kids !

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Sound Recording In Office

September 20, 2004 Comments off

Ok basiclly recently our big boss in taiwan comment that our singapore company having some poor phone system. so as a "MISC" , i changed the whole phone flow ( ya just a reminder that i m working as a IT Specialist/MIS there ), have to make sure that there are always ppl there to attend phone call. after that, the big boss comment again the sound for the phone system seem very dead ( you know when you call some company there will be a sound system that instruct you ), so thats go my job, today whole day i need to record all the female colleague voice.

OMG i tell u thats a terrible job, first you have to tahan their fake style, they will say something like " yer .. can i dun record ", "early in morning my voice still not open yet la." and one of them even take the script from me and practice first …. ( thats because my boss say who even get this task will reward SGD100 … ) so after morning i finish record every one ( not much la.. around 16 ) , i pass it to my boss, then my boss gather all the female colleague and tell me whats wrong for the way the talk and ask me to record again after lunch … *faint* till 5+ just finish record and decided the top 4 , tomorrow i gonna use the answer machine to test with them again .. sigh !

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Lunch time thought 140904

September 14, 2004 Comments off

Yeah, its lunch time now, i listen to my mp3 player and typing this blog while everyone is having thier lunch.

There is too much idea in my mind, and i have no idea where to begin, ya i talking about the web host biz, can’t really consider biz, i just wish to earn a few $$ to conver my hosting account then i can do some free service.

its sound like a bit crazy but that is what i think in my mind, one of the idea is having some image service like imageshack ( of cos not so big .. hear that they have 60++ server ) , other then this having service for free blog ( of cos also not like blogspot la.. ) .

geez what a dream , but i wish these dream can come true ..

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Wasted Sunday

September 12, 2004 Comments off

At first planning a lot of thing to do , but end up wasting a lot of time for some script..

afternoon after i fix up some new GUM layout problem, then was thinking do some research about blog ping and trackback, so at the end spend a few hour on the xml-rpc this topic.

during evening have some nice chat with LCF, we been talking about webhosting la, reseller la, server la.. really can learna lot from him, the few idea which i haven in my mind need to redesign again after listen his suggstion ..

during night time i was trying to setup a script for receive ping from xml-rpc, its working fine on local host but not on the server.. sigh ..

btw one of my fren is going to marry soon, geez he is only 23, never hear he have any gf before .. anyway all the best ah Chan .

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Friend in Melbourne

September 10, 2004 Comments off

Just call joey last night, basiclly long time never hear from her, and she leave me a msg when i on my msn whole night for BT download. She told me she getting aus PR already, after the long wait, so to congra her , i decide make a call to her.
After some rubbish talk with her and her sister, she promise will come back msia and at least will come to sg visit me, kind of miss this good fren.
I still can remember saw her first time during the orientation in RMIT, she seem like very pround gal at the first look and i thought i wont have chance/want to know this type of gal, but who know end up she become one of my best friend in Melbourne , this is wat we call fate ?

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