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Happy New Year 2008 !

December 31, 2007 Comments off

Nothing special for this year, although it’s been 2 year i never stay at home during this last day of the year. For the past 2 year i been stand by @ sentosa due to work, this year since i change job already, i been stay at home for the past 2 week just to clear my leave, a totally different life style.

this will be a short one, let see if tomorrow i can squeeze out some time to blog about what happen on 2007 ? any way this post might be slightly early but i wish every one that see this post ..

All the best on Year 2008 & Happy New Year !

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start of holidays

December 18, 2007 Comments off

Compare to the rest of people, i start my holidays earlier , yesterday was my last working day for 2007 and starting of today i will on leave, about 2 weeks leave.

Why take such a long leave ? because the new company that i joined is not allow to bring foward leave, you must clear your leave within the year, although i joined the company during august, which give me about 6.5 day leave, add in the 2 public holidays and half day before the public holdays = 2 weeks leave !

i already arrange many plans an goals for this 2 week to get myself busy and clear some of thing that i want to do since starting of 2007. Yeah i feel like a freenlancer now !

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The Recent Me

December 5, 2007 Comments off

It’s been a week since my last blog post, geez  ! i been busy for some personal issue and my work, today finally i manage to squeeze a bit of my time and mood to blog.

For my work, i can only say bug after bug , tons of bug, my current working environment is using bugzilla as main tools, so most of time the user will bug the issue and i wil need to get my work start. Currently just finish some of the biggest project, which i spend lots of time in office and home.

For my personal issue, today have a better outcome, i wish this could be maintain, it’s tough but need to spend more effort on it.

Although i stop blogging for one week, my delicious list have 10 url been tag as 2blog and 6 items in my GTD list is 2blog also , i just bookmark it or take note when the idea pop up, but some time because of timing , i might start thinking to blog the topic after no more heat , at the end i will just leave up, lets hope by the next few day i can actually clear all topics.

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