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It's all your grand grand grand father's fault ?

November 27, 2007 2 comments

Most of the time i don’t really like to blog about politic, but for this issue i would like to blog about it without all the politic factor and just base on human nature.

Hindraf plans to gather 10,000 Indians to hand a memorandum addressed to the Queen of England to support a class-action suit against Her Majesty’s government for bringing Indians to Malaysia as indentured labourers and exploiting them for 150 years.

A total of US$4 trillion (RM14 trillion) is being sought for US$2 million for every Indian residing in Malaysia.

the full article is here , this sounds like today if you are poor,working like shit as a worker, doing nothing or what, is all because your grand grand grand father been brought over here.

I was like wtf ? it’s all because of yourself make you become whatever today you are. My grand father is just a fruit farm, my dad use to be worker but now he have his own crane, became his own boss, myself at least is a IT professional.

Do you think even they *really* get these$$, will their live change ? i would say nope, if they still having the same attitude. Just like what my colleague say when i show her this story – “this has to be the biggest joke i’ve ever seen”

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Pushing Recycling Project by using fine ?

November 26, 2007 Comments off

I just saw today mypaper talking about is it a good way to using Fine to push the recycling project? i don’t really think that’s a good idea, just like the recent ERP issue, not everything you can use $$ to resolve.

Example for my gal, she is quite support this kind of project, but there is not really enough push factor, is not like you can just do it near by, you might need to go very far just to throw those thing that can be recycle. I believe most of the people don’t mind to do some recycle if there are no additional effort required.

One scene come in my mind when i read this piece of news, when i travel taipei during august, i saw this little boy which i think 6 or 7 years old, after he finished his packet drink, he open the packet and fold properly , throw into the recycle bin, i was so touch when i see that, i think education still a better way with proper gov support.

#my first try on this kind of topic , because it recall of my wonderful taiwan trip

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My mind is blank for now

November 14, 2007 Comments off

Yeah , after came back from gym just now , it seem like my mind is totally blank, just doing some surfing randomly.

It’s around mid of November already but my November Goals haven’t set yet , sigh ! at least i have decided to use back todoist again and i think mostly i will move all my task from RTM back to todoist .

Go to gym with a friend just now, at least if you go gym with some friends is more motivated , currently we fix to go go twice per week, i hope this can be last until end of the year ?

Decided to do daily blogging, but today seem like is really blank, there are still some topic that i been tag as 2blog in my RTM and in my delicious but i don’t really wish to blog about these.

Still struggle on tomorrow PHP User Group Meetup , not sure shall i go or not , if i go maybe i will use the tumblr to record down what happen ? mmmmm need to bring my macbook pro too , if i go.

Eyes feeling tired and sore , i think i m facing a computer more then 12 hour daily,lots of work related sick start appearing.

lol , this feel like many twitter msg in one post eh !

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after 3 months

November 6, 2007 Comments off

It’s been 3 month since i start my new job and yeah i fit in my new job quite well. Yesterday my boss has pass me the confirmation letter , we have a small talk and understand my future direction from him, at least now i have a better idea of my future direction.

I still can recall the first 2 month ago, when i still blur on all the work, i did afraid i might just work like this only, adding some simple logic on register form , doing some language translation or maybe some more ajax egame. I would say these are simple thing and you can’t improve much from these, lucky that is just a begining.

Some of the medium project start flow in , one of the project i rewrite the structure for 3 times and another one project that assigned on the very last minute, but i still manage to complete around 90%, i gain lots of experience through working on these. The latest project that i m working on it , which involves some shell scripting and sql , should help me to improve also.

I think currently is like a process that reorganize what i learn before in a proper way, i have learn lots of web related thing but no chance to use it or prove it, but now with this environment , it allow me to sort out my knowledge with the experience, to be a better developer.

anyway so far i m quite enjoy to be a developer.

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Tired day

November 1, 2007 Comments off

Quite stressful for the past few day, rushing some of the last min project, i thought after yesterday demo, today should be a relax day just to clear some remaining bug, who know one of the project that i finish a week ago, have quite a number of issue, the more i try the more issue it appear, arghhhhh ..

Stressful sometime but i learn a lot and this is what i want, i have some technical skill but i need more experience to be  a more complete developer, but one thing make me worry is will my body getting all kind of programmer sick ? today like waving the mouse for long hour, my hand actually aching, i think i should try to minimize the mouse usage and balance it with using the keyboard do everything.

argh , it’s start of the Nov already but i haven’t plan it yet …

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