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NYE @ Sentosa

December 31, 2006 Comments off

Same like last year, for this year New Year Eve Count Down, i need to work until morning again, currently i just take a break and hide in the office, after take a bath and have a nice hot chocolate .. i feel better – refresh !
30 min more and i will be back to work , Happy New Year to all my reader ( if there are any )


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Xmas Present

December 18, 2006 Comments off

I was busy buying xmas present for the past few day, spending about S$200+ … argh no wonder people say Xmas is being too commercial ..

I can still recall last year is my first year receive lots of xmas present because of my new working environment, due to unprepare i only receive without giving .. thats why this year have to prepare earlier ..

Nope i not going to prepare for everyone, only those that giving me present last year and those that which are close to me this year. Not to forget my parent, my brother and sister, my gf’s mother and my gf’s sister, quite a long list …

if you haven’t prepare anything for the one you love or you concern, its time to prepare don’t wait until the last minute, it might be very long queue for the last few day

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Sentosa Express View

December 13, 2006 1 comment

It start open to staff for trial run , took some pic with my treo 680 crappy VGA camera when i in the express.
Express View 1

Express View 2

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