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A new step forward

June 2, 2008 Comments off

Finally i have take a new step foward of my job, today was the first meeting and also the first day i take up new profile, although i still clearning some of my leave over work on my old profile.

i was trying hard to follow what been discuss in the meeting today, but it is an exciting experience, because the things that been discuss i can’t really face it on my old profile, a simple conclusion will be i can learn more on this new profile and i can learn more from experience people.

In stead of one man gang in my old profile , now i have proper team member/leader and i got people to discuss with, not like the old time which a lots of thing i have to digging and research myself, some time is quite boring.

i think i gonna get busy for the next 6 month .

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after 3 months

November 6, 2007 Comments off

It’s been 3 month since i start my new job and yeah i fit in my new job quite well. Yesterday my boss has pass me the confirmation letter , we have a small talk and understand my future direction from him, at least now i have a better idea of my future direction.

I still can recall the first 2 month ago, when i still blur on all the work, i did afraid i might just work like this only, adding some simple logic on register form , doing some language translation or maybe some more ajax egame. I would say these are simple thing and you can’t improve much from these, lucky that is just a begining.

Some of the medium project start flow in , one of the project i rewrite the structure for 3 times and another one project that assigned on the very last minute, but i still manage to complete around 90%, i gain lots of experience through working on these. The latest project that i m working on it , which involves some shell scripting and sql , should help me to improve also.

I think currently is like a process that reorganize what i learn before in a proper way, i have learn lots of web related thing but no chance to use it or prove it, but now with this environment , it allow me to sort out my knowledge with the experience, to be a better developer.

anyway so far i m quite enjoy to be a developer.

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Tired day

November 1, 2007 Comments off

Quite stressful for the past few day, rushing some of the last min project, i thought after yesterday demo, today should be a relax day just to clear some remaining bug, who know one of the project that i finish a week ago, have quite a number of issue, the more i try the more issue it appear, arghhhhh ..

Stressful sometime but i learn a lot and this is what i want, i have some technical skill but i need more experience to be  a more complete developer, but one thing make me worry is will my body getting all kind of programmer sick ? today like waving the mouse for long hour, my hand actually aching, i think i should try to minimize the mouse usage and balance it with using the keyboard do everything.

argh , it’s start of the Nov already but i haven’t plan it yet …

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Tired because of too focus ?

October 20, 2007 Comments off

Nearly one week without blogging, not really out of topic, some of the topic is in my mind , just that i feel tired after work and don’t really wish to do anything.

Why is it tired ? compare to my previous job , my current job is a total different experience,  for the past few day i been keep my mind working in hyper active mode, because there are quite a few project on hand, so i trying my best to maximize my brain working frequency to ultra speed , so that i can complete my project in my target time.

the result ? quite tired after work, it’s like finish all the energy just to make my brain work that fast ( haha like my whole life not many chance to do that ) , it seem like use up all the petrol just to rush to a location, geez i think i still need some time to adjust my timing and get use to it as a developer.

Maybe i should facebook more to relax myself during office hour , haha …

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Hate it when happen

September 26, 2007 Comments off

As a developer some time just hate it when this happen, i face it just now , all the logic is correct, all the code is correct, everything run smooth on my pc, but when the sales people test it, error message show.

spend about 2 hour but can’t simulate the same problem, tested different browser, clear cache, clear cookie, still the same. Everything run smoothly on my own pc, but not on others. One of the colleague was helping, first his pc also cannot, but later ok, super wierd !

currently suspect is encoding issue, argh ! i hate it when need to handle different encoding. Lets see tomorrow can this be solve.

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Next Destination

July 14, 2007 Comments off

After few week of looking, i had sign the appointment letter during friday, finally my next destination confirm already.

Life is weird some time, i fail to get job offer from the company which i have quite a good interview, but i got the job which i thought i been rejected during first interview, when that company’s HR call me and told me that i got the offer, i m stunned. I been waiting for 4 year already, finally i step in the web industry as a web developer and although i m new in the web industry but the offer is quite good.

When my job offer is confirmed, the first one i call is my gal and the first sentence that i say is “Darling, lets go taiwan!” , because i wanted to leave my current job, i thought that our this year taiwan trip have to cancel already, but now my second job is confirm and i just get my bonus , yeah i think we can go for our taiwan trip.

so next destination is there already, i m hoping that i really suitable for web industry. Wish me luck please. Thanks.

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July 4, 2007 1 comment

So far all together i have 3 interview already.

First one is a famous international company,  they are famous by their website, the first interview is quite a bad experience and i believe the manager actually hints me that i m not suitable for this job, but today they actually call me to arrange a second interview, i m really surprise.

Second interview is a local famous website, there are test during the interview which i failure like shit , i m bad if the interview have test, quite upset on this, which actually make me feel like giving up searching for web developer job

Third interview is today, for a local Law Firm, overall the feeling quite , the manager give me same feeling like my current manager, quite friendly and open to new idea, one of the main project if i work there is consolidate all different application into php application, quite challenge but interesting.

so until next week the i know will i getting third company or not and i wonder tomorrow how will be my second interview at first company ?

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