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Blog without Mouse

December 25, 2005 2 comments

It seem like now day too use to it having mouse to roll over in the screen, now without the mouse , it seem like very tough for me to work.

so what happen to my mouse ? some of you might know that i using the keyboard + mouse logitech set, the advantage of the mouse is using rechargable battery, so that i can save cost without buying battery, but at the same time sometime you will forget to put the mouse to the recharge bay , so just now when i happyly surfing the net, suddenly getting alert msg telling me that my mouse is low batt ..

so by leave my mouse in the recharging mode, i have to use keyboard to go thru my whole desktop, use all kind of key combination, alt + ctrl + spacebar + enter …

lucky sometime i do pratice these key, so i still manage to do some basic thing but spending extra time, imagine sending an e-card from yahoo, i need to tab tab tab and fill, sometime miss the field, i need to tab tab tab all the field again to go back … sigh, anyway not that bad at least i still manage to write down this post !

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Xmas Is Coming

December 24, 2005 3 comments

2 more hour Xmas eve will be ended  .. most of the people might be celebrate around, but for me ? i still sit in front of pc and typing this post ..

Nah i m ok since i don’t really a xmas-celebrate person , one of the close friend give me a call just now , since she meeting her bf in singapore, we might just meet out on monday for a catch up.

after hang up the phone, suddenly missing quite a few friend, give joey which in aus  a call, no one pick up, should be party for her , give eithen which in uk a call, manage to have a short chat with her, but she on break for a while only, need to rush back for work … hhhhmmm suddenly feel a bit lonely

3 public holidays , 1 day down and 2 more day counting

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Xmas Party

December 23, 2005 Comments off

I just back from office, why is it so early today ? because we have a xmas party in office, after the party most of the people is gone, so i also follow the way …

It is my first xmas party in this company ( althought there are a small xmas party before this ) but the feeling is so different. this is how my past 2 year xmas party in my prev company, we will have lunch buffet, then lucky draw , then the boss will have a small speech, maybe talk about the AWS or bonus … then every one can go back already.

but in this new company, due to the company size, the party is held by department itself, example our IT department is under the same boss of Finiance department, therefor we all celebrate together, there are another party for the department at ground floor ( IT and Finiance is at second floor ) , heard that one of the department going to have party at the beach. so 2 different floor, 2 different kind style of party, for ground floor is those kind of drinking party, the GM will try to get everyone drink, for our second floor its more culture style, one of the account manager bring guitar and sing song .. haha ..

anyway quite happy for this year xmas, getting quite a few present from my user too, havent open yet, wait for tomorrow .. hhmmmmm i should give them some present too , maybe next year ? 😛 

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Wrapping Present

December 22, 2005 Comments off

I have this in my mind now .. wrapping present is something that i can’t do it well

I just bought a present for tomorrow gift exchange of our company xmas party, due to the long queue of gift wrapping service, i thought that i can DIY wrapping the gift , so without wasting my time to wait in the queue, i just come home.

when i start the wrapping process, i m regret that why don’t i wait in the queue just now, without some skill , wrapping this small little gift is like going to kill me, my wrapping paper either unable cut in straight line or accidently make a hole, argh !

by wasting 2 piece of wrapping paper, i finally make it a bit look like gift .. sigh ! i just hope no one know that present is from me tomorrow .. 

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Small Xmas Party

December 21, 2005 Comments off

Just come back from a pre-xmas party, its by the department that i support , as a project technical support, i quite familiar with most of the staff in this department, so i m the only outsider which been invited , not even the project manager ..

so the party is quite ok, the food its quite yummy, the people is funny, got lots of wierd jokes around , but i still feel a bit lonely, since i m a outsider from this department .. any way the both manager from the department give me a present each , hahhah so happy before xmas got present liao .. althought it seem like i m a thick skin to take it ..

mmmm friday still got another xmas party combining my department and some related department, lets hope that one will be better.

Merry Xmas ! 

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I was a living bomb yesterday

December 17, 2005 Comments off

Its quite a tough day for me yesterday, thats why no update on yesterday ..

why so tough ?

  • CPF increase, it use to minus 5% from salary but this month increase to 15% , include my 13month bonus ..
  • the Mr Project manager again keep ask me to follow vendor to learn thing, i really cannot take it to learn something with him at the same time, my patient will went off and bombard
  • because of some bad timing , i miss one the project meeting
  • something wrong with the system and i can’t fix it .. have to wait till monday to continue
  • queue for one hour + to buy a new mobile phone, but been told that my wanted-trade in mobile phone is not local set, cannot trade in .. so give up the new mobile phone
  • come back home been told that the phone it is a local set by my bro ..

last nite i was just like a living bomb .. i try my very best to control but still nearly the explode, sorry to mum that  call me last  night i wasn’t really patient

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i hate cockroach

December 15, 2005 3 comments

ARGH !!! recently kitchen seem like have a lot of cockroach. it climb here and there .. as the only "normal" person in the house i planning to clear it , borrow some posion for cockroach and put it in the kitchen.

according the instruction, after the cockroach eat the poision, it will go back its home, and spread it to other cockroach, so later all will die in one shot .. after i put the poision there for few day, it seem like cockroach is lesser, i thought it works .

today i just came back from work BAH ! guess what i see ? about 20~30 cockroach die on the floor, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuu , the best part is i have to be the one to clean it up , at first i thought all die already, i thinking to just use the broom to clean it , NO it doesnt , it still walk here and there while i try to sweep it .. but in blur blur mode, might be because of the poision

OMG now i need to kill them one by one, shit ! i take some toilet paper and kill it , damn after few hit it still keep running , argh !!!! at the end, i use my hand ( with tissue) kill all these cockroach and throw all in to the dustbin … YUCKS !

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