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Relax with alcohol

May 31, 2006 2 comments

Just open one of the Jim Beam cola that my gal bought for me during last birthday .. ahhhhh nice !

its been some time already since i last enjoy alcohol, during my time study in aus, buying alcohol at air port is damn cheap, i like to get a jack daniel at air port and enjoy it during my stress night, a little bit of JD mix with cola does make me relax .. i need some relax ..
Jim Beam

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Mum is alright

May 27, 2006 Comments off

Ya, i m back to JB on friday, because my mum is having a small operation ..

why call it small operation ? because it takes about 20 min only .. but it still an operation, what why me and my bro did worry about it, so far everything seem ok, she don’t really looks suffer ( but she did told me can’t really sleep properly in night ) , still can sit there to watch Jewel In The Palace

anyway just hope she can recover soon, so that june we can make plan for a short trip

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its about work

May 24, 2006 Comments off

Quite a bad day for me, the manager of department that i work with since i join the company throw her temper to me, just because i did what an administrator should do, remove her super user right .. now she just push everything to IT …

on the other hand , my boss just email me and tell me don’t stay at office till so late daily, spend my time wisely in stead of keep working .. quite a nice boss

start feeling stress for my work already, when its the last time i feel stress ? during my prev job where the server down and unable to boot up and 30 people outside is waiting to use the internet ?

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26 is the new number !

May 22, 2006 1 comment

This was the msn title that i put yesterday , why ? because i turning 26 yesterday ! yes its birthday !

Just check through my old post

for 2005 Birthday

for 2004 Birthday

this year don’t really did anything to celebrate and don’t really get any greeting also, but i m quite ok with it ( maybe because getting old .. ) , but need to special thx to my gal, buy me dinner + wallet . Sigh 26 already ..

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thinking about ..

May 7, 2006 1 comment

Just realiase that i almost become a weekend blogger already, since last weekend until this weekend just got time to blog ..

Recently my life is totally changed, as i mention in a few post before, real life work is busy, virtual life is not enough time to handle, for sure i need to do something to settle this.

one of the thing that hit me just now is my server, i currently having a server, manage by one of the friend and using open source hosting script, but my problem is

  • my friend also busy for his study, i feel shamed that sometime disturd him when he busy for project
  • the open source hosting script seem like having a lot of problem, just patch it then some other security issue is pop up again
  • i want a server because i been thinking about build a service, but for my current work load , can remain blogging is consider not bad already
  • i keep changing service from reseller to dedicated server because all my prev service provide sux, but my current service provider seem good, which make me feel confident on him
  • this server is keep sucking my $$ at the same time ..

soon will make decision , maybe go back as a reseller again ..

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