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Friend From Melaka

January 26, 2005 Comments off

Yesterday getting a call from lancelot say that he is in singapore already, geez without telling me early, no wonder he told me that cannot play WOW with us last nite.

i dun really feel to attend the dinner at first, nah not really because of him, its just like i don’t really go any appointment without planning, i always plan b4 i go … but it happen that i saw arion post about

It was perhaps Lance’s last visit to Kuala Lumpur before leaving for his study in Australia, so I imagined he was more than a little disappointed in not seeing the people we hoped to see; even if he did not show any signs of that. Maybe I’m just reading too much into it.

i feel that i should meet up with him for dinner, ya this might be his last trip to singapore too before he go to aus . i will do the same thing too , meet some friend before going to some place for a period … i recall that when the night before i coming back from aus, its dissapoint that one of my friend can’t meet up with me for dinner …

so we decide meet up for dinner, its the second time i meet him since we know few year ago .. compare to the last time i meet him, it seem like he gaining weight, but still ok la… hehe i wonder how much he will gain after he come back from aus ? i realiase one of his strange habit its like to meet with few friend at the same time, but among his friend don’t know each other .., anyway thats was a nice dinner last night , i wish him all the best !

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Long Weekend

January 20, 2005 2 comments

I m on leave today , ya take one day leave to enjoy a long weekend, tomorrow is publich holiday and coming is sat and sun ..

i taking this long weekend, because it seem like there is too many thing to do, lots of thing are pending on it and i need time to clear it, other then this i feel tired .. 1st week sat and sun working ..
so no rest, 2nd week go back to jb rush in and out no time also .. so this 3rd week i gonna have plenty of resttt

what am i bz for recently ? ya i know blog less these day but as i say many thing to do, and i get addicted on WOW, its bored some time when you play alone, but if u have few of friend joining.. wow thats nice, currently our last member Frost, he get his copy and join us already … we just wait for him and help him leveling to have some fun together ..

about my server its a lot of problem, i also wish to settle it in this few day. .. else it seem like burning my $$ everyday

oooohhhh almost forget , GUM – my gaming community project was down for the upgrade, but seriosly quite a lot of problem happen, but i believe we manage to handle most of them, its only the reopening date been delay, i wish that reopen it tonight ? or maybe tomorrow ..

what shall i do next after GUM projecT ? …
bah i might just do a todo list for this long weekend …

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Something About Dad

January 17, 2005 1 comment

It seem i seldom mention my family member in the blog, but today i just wish to blog about my dad.
I going back jb during sat, as usual pass the monthly $$ to my parent, dad was joking say that i not even give him RM1k per year … i was like hmmmmm i give so little ? basiclly i give mum more but give dad RM100 each month, 12 month it show over 1k ler…. and how he calculate ? record down or wat ?

then after some chit chat i belive dad recall some of the money which i give him, he give out as a angpow to some relative … lucky! i thought i really give him that little..

after that mum actually tell me that dad keep all the money i give him since i start work, he put all the money nicely below his calender… *touch* the money is give him to use one yet he only keep it without using … thats my dad ..

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Garang Guni

January 14, 2005 2 comments

Since my company renovation, lots of old monitor and computer part was leave in 7th floor, so my boss ask me to get Garang Guni to clear it ( def: Garang Guni is a job in singapore which collect old stuff to sell ). this morning there is this garang guni come to office, which recommend by our store man, after he take a look on all the monitor and computer part, he quote me SGD60 …, i was thinking like wat the fxxk ? 20++ monitor only worth SGD60 ? last time a garang guini quote me SGD 100 i also never sell ler … so i was lie them that my boss not around i cannot make decision … i was thinking to contact back the same garang guni. during afternoon a guy call me mention that he is the boss of the garang guni of this morning. so i just told him that my boss say he will contact his own garang guni first to compare the price. then after a while he call again .. wow now he mention he can quote me for SGD150 ~200 .. thats a lot of different with SGF60 .. but i still ask him to wait .. i need to compare Imagine that if i sold him SGD60 in the morning, how much he will earn after he sold off…. geeez

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Mr Push Away

January 11, 2005 Comments off

Our Office Account Manager is hate me now ..
our office air con actually having some problem recently, so after the air con service ppl survey, they told us that we need to replace something to fix this problem and they have to come for this weekend, my account manager at first want to push it to me , ask me to come for this weekend.

i feel like shouting “dun wan” because last weekend, we been come back for sat and sun already, i dun wan to come back on weekend anymore, so when my boss ask me can i come back, no more mr nice guy and i told him that i cannot make it .. i m so tired for continuos work ( and WOWing), so at the end he ask the account manager to come back.

now i can see that the account manager face was so black and not even wish to talk to me …
who care, i been learn a lot from this company, if you be the mr nice guy, you will work like shit and no one care about it … so for getting some rest and need to go back jb for this weekend, i be the mr push away today

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Working On Weekend Sux

January 9, 2005 Comments off

This weekend the whole office have to come back.. its quite tortune to work during weekend .. most of my colleague are in zombie mode .. lol i wonder are they zombie mode at home also if is not working .. basiclly all of us have to come back because our taiwan HQ is upgrading to Oracle 11i, so we all have to come back to test the new oracle system and compare the data with the old oracle system. yesterday was a big failure .. everything in mess, server not working well, unable to handle heavy load, unstable .. lucky today everything go smoothly .. but i m bored, as a tech support, i no need to enter data for oracle, i only need to make sure they able to connect to the new oracle system…. and the rest of my time spending on surfing net and reading others blog ..

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Getting Tired For Outstation

January 4, 2005 Comments off

Just back from Bangkok , i was there again for some oracle upgrade + fixing some printer issue and testing some IP Phone ( which fail … sigh ) Seriously i was thinking why last time i so wish to able fly here and there but now .. i just feel tired .. 2 week ago i just fly over to penang and KL and this week i fly to bangkok again .. argh .. its just like a rushing trip .. i always change my coming back time to much ealier then what i original plan, simply because i miss home … i do respect those ppl which always need to fly over here and there… now i not even wish to think about how tortune is it to sit in the plane for few hour .. remember last time when i fly to aus for my study .. 9 hour tortune ! i just wish to take a break !

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