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Propose 2.0

April 29, 2009 2 comments

It’s been 1 month since i propose, i been plan to blog about this whole proposing process but couldn’t squeeze out some time until today , let’s hope i still remember every detail.

My plan came out very last minute, although i have prepare the basic 3 thing to propose  – flower , ring  and prepare to kneel down, but i know i must think of something special for my gf and the answer is using facebook to propose.

There are 3 major reason why i choose facebook

  • I been research on facebook new feature public profile for some time due to my office work.
  • My gf and i both spending quite some time on facebook and it seem like no one propose on facebook yet ?
  • We know each other through MIRC which is something popular on the web during the old day, i think facebook should be something popular on the web for now , which is quite meaningful for both of us.

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After the storm

January 14, 2009 Comments off

Since end of last year , starting of my long holidays, I been trouble by some of the issue between my gal and me.

That’s one of my main reason , i didn’t fully utilize of my long holidays. Today finally we have a talk on the issue and resolved it , the main reason is a story from her friend, the moral of story is treasure some one that you have, don’t because too use to it and didn’t see those thing that he/she did for you daily.

After this incident, i believe it make our relationshop stronger and i truely feel relax because all the big stone has been remove from my heart, i feel alive again.

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Happy 24th Birthday

October 10, 2007 Comments off

Today was my gal 24th Birthday, since last year she complaint about it already, this year i was trying my best to let her have a enjoy birthday.

the present that i give

  • PSP slim  ( original consider ipod touch then change it to dslite, last fix on PSP ) – after discuss with her
  •  Flower ( yearly thing ) – send to her office, i will more about this more because that online florist cannot make it
  • Dinner ( yearly thing ) – this year she mention want to eat korean food, my colleague recommend me Togu @ chinatown which i think quite good, the food is nice
  • Domain – a special gift for her, domain which consist her name, let her decide what she going to do
  • Website – by using the keynote , i have did some slide that consist our memory and export as html to show her.

geez , pocket burn a big hole, but i know she have a wonderful birthday this year which is quite worth it.

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Before I Forgot About This

October 10, 2006 2 comments

Happy 23rd birthday , My Gal !

Wish You Happy Always and Healthy Always

My Gal Birthday

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Be There

June 5, 2006 Comments off

My Gal was having some medical problem, but i would like to tell her ..

” Not to worry , i will be there for you , when you need me “

She seem like quite mind of it, but from my view i think this is just a common medical issue, we should glad that is not something that related to life and death issue, at least for now ..

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Some Memory

April 8, 2006 6 comments

Just saw one of the blogger friend relationship post .. and this is my reply

long long time ago b4 i start with my current gf. the same thing too she ask , want me to keept fit, till today i still quite a big size but we are on 4th year relationship liao ..
the reply i give her during that time is “today if we are couple and u ask me to keep fit because of my health problem, i would be happy and do it, but we havent become couple and you mind my outlook and ask me to keep fit ? i wont do it, look at my heart dun look at my outlook â€?

lol , i wonder when my gal saw this, will ask me to go keept fit again or not ?

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5 years

March 18, 2006 Comments off

5 more min .. and this is the 5th year for me and my gal. Its seem like just happen yesterday ? 5 years ago , on the same day she respond to my feeling , both of us never really expect that this relationship can work out this long .. but suprisely until today we still hold each other hand tigh.

Dear , Happy Anniversary ..

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