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Working Day On Friday

June 26, 2004 Comments off

lol, i think i m a worst employee to my boss, i actually finish reading 2 online story ( those type of story which write by author and distribute on internet ) while i m working. yesterday was friday, last day of the week, after a whole week bz with the reinstall server and antivirus server, i decided to take break on friday, and lucky both of my boss are not around, so i end out just reading the online story. these online story make u can’t stop, all are online game base, example the main char get into the game, or the game life of the main char, i think its because recently i play the FF Online, so i like to see these kind of story. but its kind of bored when the story get into too detail. i was thinking to make a utopia + Romance of 3 kingdom games … bah when will i have time ?

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Brother Birthday

June 22, 2004 Comments off

Just now was having dinner with my brother and his friend ( all EQ freak ), actually i was quite full because of afternoon there is a birthday lunch buffet by company, but since is his birthday so i just have to go.

its been so many year since the last time celebrate birthday for him, our relationship not that good until computer came in. we start having some common topic to chat about it, now after i start working, our relationship are much more better, even have dinner quite often ..

but the more i grow up the more not click with my sis, lots of thing have happen ..

anyway happy 30th birthday bro, wish you find a gf soon ..

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Wake up in the friday morning

June 18, 2004 Comments off

this morning i wake up @ 5am , while every one still asleep, thats becaue last night i sleep very early,
i sleep around 10 pm after having some arguement with my gal, maybe not really consider arguement but its something which make me a bit not happy with it.

what will you do when your gal request you to do something that you dun like ? if she know you dun like but stil request you to do ? at the end i did promise to help her, but at that time these word are surronding in my mind . it seem a bit wierd but more like fedup …

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Doing Nth At all ..

June 15, 2004 Comments off

i been thinking to do some programming last nite, but i end up ffing the whole nite …
i dun really a good self control person, but after a whole day working ( not really work whole day i even finish a novel during working time ..) i dun feel like doing any thing other then relax

i just wish to take some break, play some game, see some dvd .. thats all. in stead of killing my brain sel and sit in front the computer. Bah! that why my check list is getting longer and longer, a lot of dream and a lot of idea, but never have properly start it …

now i m just a typical worker, while start working doing my own thing or waiting for lunch, after lunch waiting for going off, day after day waiting for weekend, its another kind of “No Life” , but i wish to change, i wish to putting more effort for my work, do i able to change ?

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Hot Weekend

June 13, 2004 Comments off

Such a hot weekend ..
now i just feel how hot my room is , the whole afternoon i just sleep and sleep and sleep to avoid the hot ..
while hot = no mood to do anything .. so the best thing is sleep ..

i was having some chit chat with WK now, its been long time since our last chat ,
currently he is in melbourne .. he is one of my net fren which i havent seen b4 , my prev web site all host by him, till i wan to become a reseller and move to ultraunix ..
he been teaching me quite a lot about web and he also encourage me for starting my own web business .. (altot i haven start anything)

i was thinking to move the host back .. but still considering .. aih. . lots of thing to think

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Looking for House

June 13, 2004 Comments off

sat morning reading news paper call all the agent ..
sat afternoon go and c c look look houses …

S$50 diff for 2 very big diff house .. sigh ..
i going to move soon ..

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Still Awake @ 3am morning

June 7, 2004 Comments off

Bah .. just now around 6 + was taking a nap after come back from the PC Show ,
and the next moment i wake up its already 12++ am , it was the longest evening nap i took,
guess i was too tired for the past few day, any way after chaning 3d card for my pc ( borrow from my bro to have better effect to play FF online) then browse here and there, its already 3 am .. argh .. tomorrow still need to work, i better go off now

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