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Housemate During Study

February 28, 2005 Comments off

Just saw jason blogging some about his housemate, althought havent see the post related the whole story, but roughtly can tell the whole story ..

this remind me my first housemate, when that time i went to aus study for my degree, one of my friend is already there for sometime, so he find a place for me , him and his friend, 3 guys under one roof.

at the beginning everything is ok, we 3 cook dinner together, go out together, go play cs together, 3 single guy life style, my gf was far away in msia, my friend just broke up, his friend’s gf in UK .. so basiclly we are same “lonely”, but things start changing, my friend patch back with his ex gf , my friend’s friend found a new gal in aus and break up with the one in UK, so every one have their own life style, i become alone …

soon my friend’s friend move away to stay with that girl, and we get a new guy to replace … thats another nightmare, maybe he is too young , he can’t seem like mix in our life …

thats about my study time housemate… maybe i shall post something about housemate after i came out for work ..

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Moved Again Part III

February 26, 2005 Comments off

Today i was on leave, after OT for the past few day, it seem like i feel stress so i decided to take a break, bah but my mobile phone was keep rining the whole morning, tons of ppl still call from office.. sigh ..

i go for a walk during afternoon, basiclly i want to take a look the new place that i going to move over soon, at the same time simulate how to go office. First i take MRT to clementi, then i look for the block which i going to move over, geez a bit far from MRT compare to my current house, that area seem like in the progress of upgrading, still can see lots of working area.

The new house is at 11 floor which is 3 floor higher then wat i stay now, lucky the HDB just upgrade the lift direct reach 11 floor ( some HDB does not have life stop at each floor ) , after viewing around, i went to the centre for a walk, it seem like quite a lot of shop and food court, no need to worry get bored of having dinenr outside, there are 2 ktv also … too bad don’t have any cinema around.

overall the new place still quite ok , 30 min to my current working palce, near poly and many school, so can always see some sch chick .. hiak hiak hiak ..

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Moved Again Part II

February 24, 2005 1 comment

after moved again, it seem like not much choice foe me, check with my colleague, lucky there is bus direct from Clementi ( the new place i going to move ) to my current working place, it takes about 30 mins.. which almost same amount of time i spend from my current place, so trasnport issue solved.

the only bad thing is no air con … sigh, hope that is not that hot at that area, i think tomorrow i will go view that house again.

i was calling my mum and tell her about this ( no no i m not a mummy boy) , she nag about why don’t i choose some place around woodlands ( a place which near near Singapore Check Point which mean near JB too ), her fren’s son staying there for about SGD200++ only, she telling me that you only stay at home after coming from work what.. just for sleeping no need to be that good …

Sigh, mum i spend most of the time at home, i do wish to have a comfortable place when i rest, imaging if u come back from your tired work, you see your room small, pack and full with your thing.. argh !!!! other then that i spend a lot of time with my com which mean i spend a lot of time at home .. i wish my room at least to be comfortable best with air con la ( sob sob new place no air con but windy.. )

zzz tired now after 2 night OT …

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Sleep Soon

February 23, 2005 Comments off

I should go to sleep now … i m tired , just came back from work, reach home at 1am ,sigh !

as the only IT guy in the office, i have to be the last one to go and the earliest to come … just like tonite, every one which stay back till 12++am , tomorrow come late also no one can blame, but me ? i still need to go office before 9 am, just because i m the only IT guy, any IT thing break down, i have to be there to repair …

its all due to our oracle system upgrade … 2 monday public holiday been taken for this, 1 weekend have beeen taken for this and now … 2 night have to been taken for this … today is the first night, tomorrow is another night .. argh !!!!!!

sleep soon ..

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Moved Again ?

February 22, 2005 Comments off

after moving from bishan to yishun … i might need to move again .. sigh !
yesterday my current flatmate ( he rent the whole house and rent a room to me .. ) told me that he will moved to other place, basiclly because he change a new job, his gf is some where around there…

there is 3 option for me now
1. take over the house and get other ppl move in
2. look for another place to move
3. move with him to the new place

option 1 is worst choice, first all the furniture is belong to my housemate, when he move he will bring everything over, so i need to purchase furniture, and what if i can’t find ppl to take over the other room ?

option 2 also bad choice, looking for a place to move is troublesome ….. those agent just bring u any how to see…

option 3 is ok choice , i stay with this guy few month already, we quite ok with each other, the only draw back is , the new place is far from my current working place … anyway i plan to change job also …

aih.. seem like i only got one choice….

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My Word For Her

February 16, 2005 Comments off

I plan to type this during valentine day, but too bad my gf visit me suprizely, so till now i just got time to type this entry, this entry is special dedicated for my gal. Its already our 4th valentine day since the day we are together, i think both of us never think that we will be together for this long .., 4 year its not a short period, for some people maybe changing dun noe how many bf/gf already, and at least 2 year i m away from you, either study in aus or working in sg … sorry for that. i recently just reject that KL offer ( not really consider offer as i not even talk about the detail with my brother’s friend ) , other then because of my parent, you are one of the reason, heard from my brother, one of his friend and his wife also "meet less but seperate more", around 5 year (2 year dating and 3 year marrige if i not wrong ) the time they spend together is little, every month 2~3 day .. , i don’t really wish that we become that situation .. , so i just give up to checking more detail about that offer, this might sound silly but this is what in my mind. i know we do have some issue, you wish to be the small woman which have some one to protect you, but i wish that someone who can step on the same level with me to share my problem. This seem like cause some argue btw us some time, but we still manage to handle it .. geez thats not easy .. anyway without making this become too mushy, i wish to say happy valentine day again to you ..

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Doubt About Future

February 11, 2005 Comments off

This Chinese New Year seem meaningful to me, lots of thing are in my mind, lots of thing which i never think about it, never care about it, start appear in my mind, quite a few thing i wish to write down, too bad until today i just have my internet back, so maybe i should just start blog about the latest thing in my mind.

its about future, my gal ask me do i have any plan for future, nah she is not ask for marry yet, its more like she concern about do i have my own plan for my own future, she know that i have some dream but she doubt about how far my dream can go on, she know that i have some goal, but she know that i never have a proper plan for it ..

i think i m that kind of person i will fix a goal, but i wont well planning how to reach my goal… thru our short chat last night i been start thinking do i really need to well plan for my life ? no no in stead of well plan i more prefer to manage my life which mean in stead of plan everything, i prefer to control my life … sound confuse, wish that i can write down my idea in word ..

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