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Finally Its Time To Go

May 30, 2005 Comments off

Finally today go through the second interview with my boss, and he choose one of them as my replacement, as my boss said that guy have "strong character",  its quite a good exp to sit with my boss to see how he interview those candidate, but i think he is quite strict this time, bomb all kind of question to the candidate, last time when he interview me not that strict, i think if last time during interview me, he ask me all these question .. i might not able to get this job ..

at first the guy think that the payment is low, but after some negotiation, he finally agreed on the payment and will report in tomorrow. So the final candidate is decided and my boss agreed for early release, i should be free next wednesday ( 8 – JUN ), been thinking shall i take a break ? or shall i report to my new job early…

weeeeeeeeee !   freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

2 more day to teach this new guy before i going bangkok , there are some work there to do before i leave ..  


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May 29, 2005 1 comment

I wasnt sleep well recently … blame to the weather, drunk or whatever reason … last night was a nightmare.

its been wierd for me to have nightmare or even a dream,  i m those type of ppl lie on the bed 1 2 3 and get into deep sleep till next moring. or maybe i dreaming but i don’t recall  ..

i can’t recall the whole nightmare is about what, but i think is my mum related , something like she tell me i m not her real son and start chasing me out .. geez what a bad dream, am i too stress ? … 

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A Letter To HR Manager

May 24, 2005 7 comments

Dear HR Manager,

Please don’t ask the secretary to tell me that " Don’t hire malaysian, they took the PR and leave" while i try to choose candidate for replace my job, you can tell me directly and i will give u a proper answer ..

first, the salary that the company pay me is not qualify for me to getting EP (employment pass) and PR (Permanent Resident), i get it because of my degree qualification

second the company never support me for getting my PR, what company did is only prove that i m working here, i apply the PR on my own

third, using this kind of statement showing how foolish you are, those poly graduate student they can get the PR once they getting a job in sg … 

forth, lots of people is leaving the company, some department change tons of customer serivce already, what the hell you give this kind of comment when i leaving ?

fifth, i leaving not because i getting PR and want to leave, i leaving because the management having people like you , having people like our dear president which on BT in office, having vice president which spend all the company $$ to night club …

Sixth, only you will think this company is a good place that everyone should stay, from what i understand most of the staff is dissapoint to the management, lots of them is planning to leave

last i m glad that i finally leaving this place and wish u all the best

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the 25

May 21, 2005 8 comments

it was a bz yesterday, due to lots of work to do, interview 7 candidate plus setup some new pc …

but after work i meet out with my gal and get a small cake from her .. ya its my 25 birthday ..

still remember last year birthday lots of thing happen .. hope that this year everything smooth ?

small plan for my birthday

morning watching starwar

afternoon checkin hotel then go sentosa

dinner go eat sushi ?

zzzzzz old liao 25 liao ……………… 

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What Give You Better Chance To Get A Interview

May 18, 2005 3 comments

after reading so many resume and getting frustrated … this is how i filter these resume

over age of 30 – out , i need some one young

can’t speak chinese – out, HQ in taiwan ..

send by using jobsdb feature – out, too lazy

can’t start work immdiately – out , pls i need to quit liao u must take over immdiately

asking for high payment – out, pls even myself also low payment 

more … 

  • don’t just send a blank email with your resume attachment
  • don’t send a over decorate resume
  • don’t send a no decorate resume 
  • choose a formal photo to attach with your resume
  • don’t just foward a email which contain your resume
  • don’t paste your detail in email only, make it a doc file
  • don’t use capital for your whole resume
  • try to send a nice, neat resume, in point form with bullet list will be better
  • don’t use your gf/bf email to send resume
  • don’t use jobsdb feature to send email, write a email with resume attach will be a better way
  • don’t simply change the job title in advertisement 


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Resume That I Go Thru

May 18, 2005 5 comments

Just go thru 100~150 resume and i realiase these

  • lots of ppl is looking for job
  • some of them are over 40
  • lots of malaysian working in sg 
  • lots of malaysan are PR in sg
  • there are many female in IT line
  • one candidate claim that the software she is good in – Internet Explorer
  • one candidate claim that his cantonese writing is 9  ( 10 is the best)
  • one of the candidate is come from my parent’s kampung
  • one candidate having female name email but male information in resume
  • lots of ppl using gmail as primary mail account
  • some ppl will just send you a blank email with resume attach ..
  • ppl some time just change the job title which you put on advertisement
  • its easy to get frustrated after reading so many resume ..

 to be continue …

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Something about my work

May 17, 2005 1 comment

Finally today i sign my offer letter already, this few day was busy for quite a few thing ..

first tender the resign letter to quit my job, my company president is trying to make difficult to me, but lucky my boss the CEO just accept my tender and ask me to prepare getting replacement

after tender, i start clear up what ever on hand job, and start cleaning my room, sending all the old spoil computer to store room and clean up the server room

then Thai office seem like got quite a lot of IT issue, i discuss with them to collect all the problem, might need to thai once more before i leave.

i think i need to prepare quite a lot of documentation too before i leave.. sigh ..

i need to change the last 6 old pc to new pc too before i leave ..

today start post advertisement for getting replacement for my current position, seem lots of respone early in the morning, hmmmm lots of people looking for job hor ..

hehe thinking to interview some hot chick , seem getting more female working as IT staff. 

for this coming 3 week i sure bz like hell …

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