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Down With Fever

February 20, 2007 1 comment

Happy Chinese New Year to all !

I don’t usually sick during CNY, the only one time that i sick is after “Chu Er” ( which mean second day of CNY ) coming back from home town alone, then realiase i fall sick, but at least that time still not that bad.

This CNY is my most terrible CNY, after the reunion dinner, i feel like something is wrong of my body, its signal me i getting sick already, as usual i just take 2 panadol and take a nap wish that i will just recover like that, but i m wrong ..

My whole body aching, high fever and running nose, my dad was changing the wet towel on my forehead to keep maintain my temperature through the night, what i worry is it might be denggi, the next morning we found a polyclicnic and getting some medicine for my sick, until then my condition is under control, what a CNY ……..

p/s it seem like i spread to quite a few , my bro now is down with fever too, my uncle and my cousin’s baby also the same, sigh wish you all recover soon.

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February 15, 2007 1 comment

Sigh, another few blogless day, i been feeling tired for everything and anything ..

kind of bad situation here, i suspect my stress level is very high and i can’t really handle it? thats why my body feeling tired for everything and this might be one of the warning sign from my body ?

by right i should be here , but taking half day and rest is what i really need now, sorry choon keat and uzyn , maybe see you guys next round ..

shall i have a good rest for the coming CNY ? or continue my plan for kickstarting ruby on rails ?

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I Wish To Work Here

February 10, 2007 4 comments

I think this might be the Utopia that most of the people wish to working at , the best place to work , not the luxury of having free food or free massage , its more on the open concept , where you can see everyone just wear anything that they feel comfortable and they sit in a group without too many cubicle.

Another important thing should be appreciation , the boss appreciate the employee and trying hard to make them happy of their work and working environment. I think most of the people would rather have lower salary but a good working environment ..

Oh what make me think about all these ? its because of mindvalley , the folks behind BlinkList , their job offer seem interesting and the ideas is similiar to Google.

Any singapore company having the same style ? i wish to join …

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