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My Bro's SMS

October 26, 2005 1 comment

after i come out from company, i was thinking sms my bro for dinner ..

so there you go

Me (6.29pm) : dinner ? downstair got new chicken rice

Bro (6:32pm) : Going salsa class now, you go ahead, What is Salsa? Go read my blog

Me(6:35) : Hahahhahahah, extra 

zzzzz … ask a brother which stay at the same house go read his blog before question him .. remind me the comic where the dad email to his son which just stay up stair to come down for dinner ..

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Looking for Java Developer Job ?

October 26, 2005 2 comments

its wierd that i getting this email , because it direct to my gmail account.. and my gmail account is only publish on my blog , haha blog is a new place for headhunter looking for target ? anyway i m quite happy with my current job ( althought some time its sux) so i share this with you guys .., it seem real to me try to google their url ..


 so who ever get this job pls buy me lunch ..

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Jobless Go Away

October 24, 2005 Comments off

a special entry that for my gal ..

i m glad that she found a new job, althought it might not be what she been looking for, but from what i understand it seem like a challenging job which i think is quite good as a first job for her career life.

her new job is also new to market, it might be her chance to the be the first few in the market.. and she might even have the chance to manage the shop .. good luck to her

the only  problem is she need to work on sat, this might reduce our chance to meet .. and she hate to work on weekend ..

anyway Congra Gal .. no more jobless and wish you having some good time for your work 

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Its not my week

October 17, 2005 Comments off

Its been quite unlucky since last week ..

  • lost my staff pass
  • lost my mobile phone memory card
  • accident delete my 2 week hardwork program
  • accident delete the photo that me and my gal recently took
  • unable to get back some payment
  • 10 min ago my fan just burn ..

sigh .. not feeling so well now too, might be too many unhappy thing happen, btw just watch the Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children , quite a nice show , hope that after relax a bit , i will feel better

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I m a careless man

October 13, 2005 Comments off

Sigh after enjoy the offday, i realiase i m a really careless man …

i lost my staff id .. argh ….. i not sure is the card some where in the room.. or is really gone, so for the past 2 day i can only put on my name tag early early in the morning to get in my working place .. sigh sigh

today it prove again , i realiase my mobile phone memory card is gone too … arghhh i using treo 600 which will  slot the memory card into the phone, only when you press it again then the memory card will jump out .. and its gone now …

as usual the program i write got some careless error and i trying to debug in this few day …………

p/s staff id been remake by my colleague, thx a lot of them

p/s is the memory card of phone missing to remind me that is time to change phone ? 

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a bit of drunk

October 11, 2005 Comments off

Just come back from a ex-colleague wedding dinner … sigh a bit of drunk now

let see, its happy to see some of the ex-colleague … lol even funny to see my ex boss, he is getting old …

now day ppl ask him to drink, he always will try to skip it of half cup only .. hahahah i still remmeber when the first time i join the company, he still can drink a lot.. but not now ..

hehe ..  my ex boss bad habit is, now day he can’t really drink a lot, but still go bottoms up with everyone .. every table .. hahah thats why we all ( me and some ex-colleague ) always will take turn drink with him to make him high …

as usual i also one of the people who keep kena con to drink .. i think this time is good at least i stop at my limit, or i can say a bit over my limit only … now still ok , feeling high and sleepy.. hope that tomorrow wake up wont feel hang over.. lots of work to do tomorrow .. 

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Take A Break

October 10, 2005 3 comments

Today taking an off day for my girl to celebrate her birthday .. so i bring her to my working place


 i feel so relax lying on the beach .. see how the cloud moving ….

 btw a bikini photo that i promise that before i start working


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