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Found a new home

May 4, 2008 2 comments

Yes, i need to move again, this should be the 5th time since i stay in singapore, this time the owner suddenly coming back from China, thats why he wish to take back the hdb , i m not sure is that a excuse or not, recently the rental for HDB has been keep increasing, best is when you visit sg house forum, you will see a lots of debate there, there everything relate to foreign talent issue again.

Lucky during sat , i saw an ads that meet our requirement, after viewing , we have decided to take the offer, although is more expensive and a bit far but at least the HDB is new, yeah we rent a new HDB that just finish build and reno, so is totally new ! compare to what i view for the past few day, this consider a good rent !

One of the biggest problem is solved , the next thing that i should worry is packing and get ready to move, 2 more week and i will be at the new place.

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