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Hate it when happen

September 26, 2007 Comments off

As a developer some time just hate it when this happen, i face it just now , all the logic is correct, all the code is correct, everything run smooth on my pc, but when the sales people test it, error message show.

spend about 2 hour but can’t simulate the same problem, tested different browser, clear cache, clear cookie, still the same. Everything run smoothly on my own pc, but not on others. One of the colleague was helping, first his pc also cannot, but later ok, super wierd !

currently suspect is encoding issue, argh ! i hate it when need to handle different encoding. Lets see tomorrow can this be solve.

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Why are manhole covers round?

September 10, 2007 Comments off

Do you know the answer ?

Just happen that today i saw this question again, is on the list of google interview question, this remind me one of the interview when i looking for a web developer job, this is the first question on the test paper they give it to me ( as i mention before i fail this interview quite badly, i hate test )

So what is manhole ? wikipedia has some clear explaination and don’t be surprise manhole cover is included too. The so-call typical answer is

Manhole covers are round because manholes are round.

now then i know this is one of the famous interview question by m$ in US, of course the important thing is not really the answer, is how you answer it, there are some other funny answer , example round shape is easy to move by one person or  round manhole covers are easier to manufacture. Now you know this, at least you won’t be surprise if this come out on your next interview.

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