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Going for holiday

July 26, 2007 1 comment

Yesterday was my last day service @ sentosa , i think maybe because i m busy taking photo with everyone and handover my work, i don’t really feel that sad as i thought, still this is a place that i spend my past 2 year ..

10 more min later i will be going to air port, before my new job starting, i going taiwan for a relax trip as i promise to my gal, it will be a 9 day trip, i m sorry that recently don’t really update this blog, due to too many thing that i busy with, prepare for travel la, hand over my work la, prepare my new server ..

anyway i will try to post something about this taiwan trip, take care everyone.

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Next Destination

July 14, 2007 Comments off

After few week of looking, i had sign the appointment letter during friday, finally my next destination confirm already.

Life is weird some time, i fail to get job offer from the company which i have quite a good interview, but i got the job which i thought i been rejected during first interview, when that company’s HR call me and told me that i got the offer, i m stunned. I been waiting for 4 year already, finally i step in the web industry as a web developer and although i m new in the web industry but the offer is quite good.

When my job offer is confirmed, the first one i call is my gal and the first sentence that i say is “Darling, lets go taiwan!” , because i wanted to leave my current job, i thought that our this year taiwan trip have to cancel already, but now my second job is confirm and i just get my bonus , yeah i think we can go for our taiwan trip.

so next destination is there already, i m hoping that i really suitable for web industry. Wish me luck please. Thanks.

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July 4, 2007 1 comment

So far all together i have 3 interview already.

First one is a famous international company,  they are famous by their website, the first interview is quite a bad experience and i believe the manager actually hints me that i m not suitable for this job, but today they actually call me to arrange a second interview, i m really surprise.

Second interview is a local famous website, there are test during the interview which i failure like shit , i m bad if the interview have test, quite upset on this, which actually make me feel like giving up searching for web developer job

Third interview is today, for a local Law Firm, overall the feeling quite , the manager give me same feeling like my current manager, quite friendly and open to new idea, one of the main project if i work there is consolidate all different application into php application, quite challenge but interesting.

so until next week the i know will i getting third company or not and i wonder tomorrow how will be my second interview at first company ?

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It's Time To Go

July 2, 2007 Comments off

I mention decision made sometime ago, although i hold back for a while but i think really it’s time to go, i m going to resign tomorrow.

Why ? there are too many reason but main reason is i don’t feel there is any career advancement for me. 1 year ago one of the SA leaving, i take over the troublesome project and handle it well, but what i getting just some increment and there are no title change. now another SA is leaving , there are no plan for me to take over.

i don’t really feel like become a SA but i believe what i been done is more then just a Application Support. At least giving me some title change to recognize my hardwork ..

Never mind, although i haven’t find a new job but i still want to leave here, there are a lot of memory here and i wish i can leave here peacefully before all my good memory gone.

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