Another 2 week MC

July 15, 2008 Comments off

Just not long ago, i had 4 day mc because of some false alarm. Now i kena chicken pox and getting 2 week MC again .. sigh.

I seem like being grounded , can’t leave the house because this can be spread to others, although it seem very common that most of the people have vaccine for chickenpox. Most of the people that i know it’s either have chicken pox during young or getting vaccine injection already.

since there will be 2 week of MC , i must make use of it nicely.

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Do you envy good speaker ?

July 4, 2008 Comments off

Yes i do , this mainly because i can’t  speak well. Just now there is a town hall at my office and we meet up with our International President , the person that in charge of our company international biz, i can’t deny that he is really a good speaker, don’t be surprise that a lot of big shot can’t really speak well but those good speaker in the company normally will become big shot.

Starting with some joke as ice breaker , then announce some of the news and explain some of the detail in a humor way and relax, i would say it’s quite enjoy for listen to a good speaker. I hope one day i can have the same kind of confident standing in front and speak ..

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Looplater and Plurk on my daily using list

June 8, 2008 Comments off

2 new service added on my almost-daily-usage list last week.  Looplater , which i mention in my recent post – Save now read later and Plurk – the one that might be replace twitter.

Looplater become something hot on my daily usage of web2.0 service , why ? because it allow me to save some of the link that i think i m interested but no time to go through yet or some of the site that just need me to read through , i using it as a filtering service before the links go to my bookmark, at the same time it setup a routine for me to clear my links every week, i m having too many 2do, 2read,2 try list on my , lets hope mixing with Looplater can let me be more productivity

I know about Plurk when it just release because it develop by todoist developer , but i never think of give it a try, until recently due to lots of twitter down time, lots of replacement suggestion floating around and Plurkis one of them ( my favourite will be jaiku ), currently Plurk is quite intersting but it is still too early to say it going to replace twitter.

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A new step forward

June 2, 2008 Comments off

Finally i have take a new step foward of my job, today was the first meeting and also the first day i take up new profile, although i still clearning some of my leave over work on my old profile.

i was trying hard to follow what been discuss in the meeting today, but it is an exciting experience, because the things that been discuss i can’t really face it on my old profile, a simple conclusion will be i can learn more on this new profile and i can learn more from experience people.

In stead of one man gang in my old profile , now i have proper team member/leader and i got people to discuss with, not like the old time which a lots of thing i have to digging and research myself, some time is quite boring.

i think i gonna get busy for the next 6 month .

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GTD 02/06

June 2, 2008 3 comments

First time setup some weekend goal, although can’t complete all but i think this should be a good reminder for myself, remind me to get my own thing done

what i done

  • setup lifestream page
  • testing openx and drupal integration
  • subcribe to flickr pro
  • fix my vps backup cronjob

partial done

  • 10 blog post, i only completed 5
  • 10 web2.0 trial , i only completed 4

never start

  • clear 10 delicious bookmark 2do list
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Found a new home

May 4, 2008 2 comments

Yes, i need to move again, this should be the 5th time since i stay in singapore, this time the owner suddenly coming back from China, thats why he wish to take back the hdb , i m not sure is that a excuse or not, recently the rental for HDB has been keep increasing, best is when you visit sg house forum, you will see a lots of debate there, there everything relate to foreign talent issue again.

Lucky during sat , i saw an ads that meet our requirement, after viewing , we have decided to take the offer, although is more expensive and a bit far but at least the HDB is new, yeah we rent a new HDB that just finish build and reno, so is totally new ! compare to what i view for the past few day, this consider a good rent !

One of the biggest problem is solved , the next thing that i should worry is packing and get ready to move, 2 more week and i will be at the new place.

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Midnight Plumber Save Me

April 10, 2008 Comments off

Thanks for the plumber that come to my place and fix my water pipe issue during midnight, although you charge me double but if not because of you , i might be crying when i see this month PUB bill.

i think is kind of unlucky it happen just before i want to sleep, in the end while i try to fix it, it become worse, the water from little become a lot and non stop. Manage to found a sticker outside my door which provide 24 hour plumber service, within 20 min , the guy reach and fix the problem in about 10~15 min.

Sigh , this house is really old, lots of thing has spoiled, never mind i m leaving soon , going to move again , just hope that the next house will be better.

Tomorrow will i be late for work ?

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