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Life is Changing

April 24, 2006 1 comment

Its been sometime since i want to blog about this ..

Life is changing since April started , i use to be relax on my actual work , working hard for my part time online work .. but now this seem like totally different, i been very busy for my actualy work, which cause myself no time for my online work.

Sigh .. its like there are 2 way for me to choose , no matter which way i choose i will be thinking is the other way better ? but i believe i have a 2 year relax working life already, maybe is time to give myself a chance to step on the other way, working hard for my real life work …

When other people giving up the real life work to work on some online biz but i move in the other direction .. just hope everything will be fine.

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Just back

April 21, 2006 Comments off

hi all. apologize to the daily 150++ visit, sorry that for the past 1 week nothing new is updated, as usual i would say i m busy with my work.

One of the friend ask , how busy you are ? for the past few week i have no chance to take the 6:00pm and 6:30pm bus out from office and last night i work till 3am then come home and go to office again on 7am++ , for the past one week i got no time to dinner with my gf for once even we stay together.

Just back from a buffet with colleague to have some relax time, So .. allow me to take some rest today,  i will be back tomorrow , take care

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Overwork ?

April 12, 2006 Comments off

Few day never update, why ? because for the past few day when i come back first thing is sleep, when i wake up first thing is go to work …

  • Monday work till 2:30 am reach home after finish change all the old system to new
  • Tuesday 6:00 am reach office stand by for new system work till 1:30 am
  • Wednesday 6:45am reach office to stand by again .. and i just reach home

other then these , been busy modify 2 application , some meeting and working on the stock take result .. bz like shit .. i wanna breakkkkkkk

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Some Memory

April 8, 2006 6 comments

Just saw one of the blogger friend relationship post .. and this is my reply

long long time ago b4 i start with my current gf. the same thing too she ask , want me to keept fit, till today i still quite a big size but we are on 4th year relationship liao ..
the reply i give her during that time is “today if we are couple and u ask me to keep fit because of my health problem, i would be happy and do it, but we havent become couple and you mind my outlook and ask me to keep fit ? i wont do it, look at my heart dun look at my outlook â€?

lol , i wonder when my gal saw this, will ask me to go keept fit again or not ?

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Finally Is Leaving

April 5, 2006 1 comment

The old man which is the project manager of the project that i take care of is finally leaving … not only me but i think most of the people around is saying the same thing .. he is a nice guy but he is not suitable for IT ….

he is the first colleague that i work closely with in this company, also the first one who suprize me that IT still got thise kind of ppl . ok la since he leaving just let everything gone by the wind .. take care old man

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I want a break

April 1, 2006 2 comments

my recently activity ..

  • thrusday 8am to 5 pm work ,7pm to 12pm Company D&D
  • friday 8am to 1am … stock take non stop
  • saturday 10:30am to 8pm compiling stock take result

thats why a lot of thing i havent do …… i want a break ….

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