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On Good Will ? My Foot

September 29, 2006 Comments off

I m angry today , after come back from my boss’s friend company ..

the whole story is like that , my boss actually ask me to follow one of his friend ( a rich guy ) and his company manager back to their warehouse last week, ask me to help them take a look their system, so the end result is due to they using with Access, i can’t really do much on it  ( I M PHP ) , but i still bring back the database just to help them see see.

Then my boss actually ask me to help them do some report and misleading me that they will pay me, so althought i m busy with tons of work in office, i actually spend quite some time to work on the report, today after i setup some of the report, on the way back , suddenly the manager mention “i think you work a few hour only right for this ?  let say about 10 hour ? ” , Ok this alert me, it sound 100% like doubt about my effort and wanna “tekan” price ( althought we never actually mention about the $$ )

So i act blur to ask what kind of agreement of this between my boss and their company ar ? on good will huh ? the manager say “YA” ! i m angry at this moment, i work like shit for this just because of ON GOOD WILL ? on my boss good will ? while tons of work in office no time to finish but working for this of course is because of $$.

The manager seem like know that i m angry, he trying to say that he thought that our company need a new warehouse system, thats why my boss send me over to learn the operation ( in exchange for doing report for them ) ?  WTF ? a small warehouse that only hold 4 customer product, can learn what ? a programmer outside is pay like few hunderd per day and just come to learn your so call operation can replace those $$ ??
this is sux , its not the first time already, 2 year ago, there is some biz man also ask me to develop program, at the end i only able to get portion of money, the reason he give is the client that he try to push for this program not dare to use … Wah like that also my fault ?

thats why i hate sales/biz man …

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Its my weekend

September 24, 2006 Comments off

Argh, i been plan for doing some mass blogging ( lots of thing i want to blog about ) but in the end i work till mid night and just too tired to blog , this morning i set some tight schedule for myself, but i still late for my blogging time, i should start this about 9am but i end up forget about the timing when i looking for some info.

So what i busy for one whole day yesterday ? 2 thing i m working on ,  i m looking for a replacement solution for bloglah , might be go back to wordpress with plugin support , but it seem like don’t really have a good plugin for sync the rss and make it a post for wordpress, the only one i found is Autoblog plugin which a lot of thing don’t really meet my requirement, so i m trying to do a lot of modification on it, so far i m quite happy with the progress, its been long time since i last coding.

othern then this, i been working on setup the firewall for my VPS, its a lot of pain on this, when i found a nice solution but it seem like restrict on the vps limitation, still trying to research how to get this work, but it spend up all my time yesterday ..

its quite happy to do all these ( its been sometime since i work out on all these thing ) but when the whole thing get dragging for too long , i will start getting impatient  and will start to getting in stubbon mode , want to fix up the thing , thats why a proper schedule for myself is require to remind myself , its time for other thing

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Just to update

September 22, 2006 2 comments

Just to update i m still here , its just that working life is very stressful, daily doing some work + research till 2am .. then sleep and wake up at 7am , in this kind of situation is hard for me to blog, got some topic in my mind but no mood to write ..

But tmr should be a ok weekend for me, so far don’t really have any office work in mind which need to rush in this weekend, maybe tomorrow will blog something and maybe dev something ..

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Tell me what you will do ?

September 13, 2006 Comments off

after long hour work, you haven’t dinner, feeling tired and a bit of headache, then receive a phone call and getting scold because of some miscoumminication …. sigh

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